Glenn Beck’s Take on the Megyn Kelly vs Trump controversy

Glenn Beck’s Take on the Megyn Kelly vs Trump controversy

Beck, Pat and Stu are shocked when they listen to Trump make the “on your knees” comment. And, YES, HE DID MEAN IT IN A SEXUAL WAY. Anyone who watches that clip agrees. Listen to audio below and you will hear it for yourself. People need to stop covering for Trump.

Beck thought the Fox News debate and the questions asked were fair. He said every candidate was asked tough questions about their sticking point. He thinks people who thought it wasn’t fair are just stuck on one candidate. All the candidates were asked hard questions but Trump was the only one who is thin skinned and couldn’t handle it. Beck compares Trump to the Black Lives Matter movement. Glenn, Pat and Stu are distraught about Trump saying he believes the single payer socialized healthcare system is working in Canada and Scotland. If someone is looking for a person who isn’t a politician, they think Fiorina and Carson are much better options than Trump. Both Obama and Trump have the type of character which believes if someone disagrees with them on something, then they must be destroyed. Trump even said mean things about his friend and former political advisor who quit over the weekend. Beck thinks Donald Trump might end up being a worse president than Obama. He calls him Romney with an attitude and bad hair. At first Beck doubts that Trump meant Megyn Kelly was menstruating or that Trump meant something sexual when he implied Brande Roderick would look good on her knees. After he hears the clips, he is blown away by Trump’s behavior. Wow, it was sexual! Unbelieavable. Beck also said it made Trump look ridiculous to say Megyn Kelly wasn’t smart since she is clearly an exceptionally intelligent woman.

Trump supported the bailout. Trump supported Obamacare. Trump supported the Clintons. Is this really who you want as President?

Big thanks to Beck for being one of the few people to talk about all of Trump’s leftist views!!! Sometimes doing the right thing means you have to stand alone.

Audio from The Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze. Press the arrow to play. Turn up the Volume.

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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. A great problem of today that as reasonable the facts you give us in your post are, today’s world is so filled with lies and deceptions and failure to reveal the causes of our destruction that most want to hear the betrayals addressed regardless of the “street talk”, to be as polite as I can be, used. And today, anything goes in discourse, public and private.
    By the way, I have yet to hear Beck carefully and rationally discuss 911.
    Looking at the column on the right, I saw Michael Savage, and directly beneath that picture, I saw reference to Joseph Story, former Supreme Court Justice, famous jurist, and native of a town in which Savage once lived. But not at the same time. Instead of a Cadillac Savage would own, Story had a horse.

  3. iamyournot says:

    Beck is spot on, each question asked of the candidates was focused on what would be their Achilles heel, the test of a candidates character, resolve, or lack of was brought out. From what I’ve seen, I can’t imagine taking Trump as a serious candidate, Trump will cost us the election.
    I’m sorry that Carly wasn’t part of this group that seemed to get all the attention. Carly in 2016, speaks will honest conviction. Carly gets her points across without the need to insult.

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