Trump was shown favoritism at the debate last night at the expense of conservative candidates

Trump was shown favoritism at the debate last night at the expense of conservative candidates

debate graph

Trump and Bush were shown favoritism at the debate last night at the expense of conservative candidates.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the graph.

Here is another link about speaking time:


  1. Char in ND says:

    Trump blew up. Jeb was dull. Kasich is an establishment favorite and a Fox buddy. All three were given WAY too much time. Blah blah blah.

    The moderators talked way too much. The biggest ego in the room belonged to Megyn Kelly – who acted like a MSNBC hack. Her performance revealed the smug smartass she has become – and the undercover, partial, ‘unbalanced’ liberal that she is.

    • What makes you think Megyn Kelly is a liberal? The following article says she is independent. I’ve always liked that she is a tough interviewer and never appears to be biased. She’s equally tough on everybody. Maybe you have some inside information. If so, fill me in. It pissed me off that Trump called Megyn a bimbo on twitter and people see him as the victim. I’m really sad for our nation that we live in a time where a man can tweet that a debate moderator is a bimbo and still be a serious presidential candidate. The once great office held by honorable men like Washington has fallen as low as a Kardashian episode. I was so saddened that even Craig Shirley would compare arrogant crass Trump to Reagan who was such a classy statesman and a gentleman. It’s really heartbreaking. Reagan wouldn’t take his jacket off in the oval office. How can a man who publically calls women bimbos be compared to him? It’s discouraging.

      • Char in ND says:


        I base my opinion on her actions, her words, her agenda. Megyn Kelly did last night things a leftist would employ. Divide and conquer. She tried with her question to paint Trump as a misogynist. Why was it necessary for Megyn Kelly to bring Rosie O’Donnell’s words into a debate? O’Donnell, whose callous feminazism seeks to crush conservative women like Sarah Palin as if they (we) were bugs? She’s a hateful old nag, who hates anything conservative – and I don’t blame Trump for standing up for his family, for the women O’Donnell castigates for participating in events such as pageants – that apparently the feminists find so degrading. They cannot just disagree, they must disparage and look down their noses on women who dare take part.

        This was watched by millions of people who tuned in – Americans who are anxious and concerned about the direction our country is taking. And this is what we got?

        I think Trump was set up, that’s why he had the most airtime. At times Megyn Kelly reminded me of Donna Brazile drilling Mitt Romney in those debates. Kelly did not provide context for a question that most of us knew nothing of (pertaining to the Rosie O’Donnell feud) and then took it to Trump on a national stage. She was trying to set him on his heels. Why? Was it personal? Or was it an attempt to drive Trump to run 3rd party?

        Some have said of course these questions weren’t Kelly’s but were written and she had to ask them. Let’s be real here, she is quite powerful and popular and I doubt she had no input or say regarding the questions she asked the candidates. So why this question? She was goading him.

        Worst thing? The questions she posed to Trump set a tone of theatre with most time spent on conversation of little consequence to Americans, instead of a true political dialogue with substance which is why I tuned in.

        Why all the questions about abortion? It seemed a bit odd to me.

        The ‘debate’ got rave reviews from CNN and other liberal outlets. Why? Was it the tactics employed? Were they pleased they now have a blueprint on how to muddy the waters so the true conservatives cannot be heard? Like Ben Carson, who I wish would have had more time to speak. Ted Cruz, who would be a fantastic president and is already a leader. There was a stage full of men who have incredible accomplishments, great ideas and are successful and they deserve to be heard.

        I thought Baier did fine, he was the only one who conducted himself professionally.

        We deserve better. Trump is up in the polls. People may dislike Trump, but they hate bullies. IMO, Megyn Kelly was a bully. (And after listening to Mark Levin tonight, I know he agrees!)

        And no, Trump is no Reagan. But damn it, I think Reagan would be appalled at what passes the smell test for political debate forums these days. I think he would have wanted Trump to have his say, implode if he may – but the people must have their say. Let them (us) decide.

      • I loved when Megyn asked him how long have you been a Republican. I’ve been waiting for that for so long. Every talk radio guy wants to be Trumps’ best friend & gives him softball interviews. Why, so he will promote their book or products? Trump isn’t a conservative! I’m sick of certain people in the media pretending he is one of us. All the rich guys in media defending Trump are completely out of touch with the average person.
        He’s on tape being pro choice, for single payer socialized medicine, wanting amnesty and a pathway for illegal aliens. He was a hardcore lib just a few short years ago. I’m not buying that a man his age did a 180 at this stage in his life, that quickly. Reagan’s transformation was over time and the Democrat Party he was in is nothing like the statist Party it is today. So, his answer didn’t cut it with me. If all the talk radio guys had been honest about Trump from day 1, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. The low information crowd is assuming Trump is a conservative because they are letting him slide! I blame them for this Circus.

        I’ll never forget the way Trump treated Michelle Malkin!!!! It was wrong at the time but this is the norm for this guy. Trump is a bully! He erased so many damaging tweets from the past, today. Now he is saying Megyn must of been on her period! Unbelievable! Even if she is a Democrat, it doesn’t justify his behavior. He is not presidential material. It’s not surprising that a woman who takes her clothes off for a living forgives him for saying she would look good on her knees. Her forgiveness doesn’t make it okay. No presidential candidate should ever go on social media & call a debate moderator a “bimbo” while he is running for president!!!! Period. End of story. Unforgivable. Trump needs to go back on reality TV where he belongs. All the misogynist Trump supporters are hating on Michelle Malkin, Megyn Kelly & Carly Fiorina for exposing him! One good thing about Trump. It’s showing certain people like Beck are doing this for the country, they have honor and others are just in it for the money. Wheat and Tares. I lost respect for many men I use to admire over their defense of Trump. Some people have sold their soul and the fate of our country to this man in exchange for fame & money. No virtue!

  2. Catherine says:

    Meghan Kelly had the most speaking time at the debate.


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  3. Char in ND says:

    Alexis – if he is a bad egg, let we the people throw him in the garbage. This pile on, this phony crap from FOX is really bothering me. Now RedState too? Disinviting him and inviting Megyn Kelly? For what? Is she running for something, or is she running something. This is taking the decision making out of the hands of the public and replacing it with “we no longer trust the people to make sound decisions”.

    I have never supported Trump in this campaign, but this is ridiculous and makes a mockery of our system. It is demeaning to the voters. Condescending and divisive. Is this little battle with Megyn Kelly – that she started – worth throwing away a process the other candidates should be able to go through in order to state their visions, views – worth it?

    • I think the people would be more informed to make that decision if the media wasn’t covering for Trump. I know you don’t go on social media. I’ll fill you in on what I have observed. Trump’s behavior wasn’t an isolated incident. He throws these obnoxious insults out often, especially to women. And of course, I thought the Rosie thing was hilarious at the time because I don’t like her. He is equally insulting to conservative women. When I hear guys in the media make Trump out to be an innocent victim who was defending his family, it infuriates me. The only reason certain people, like the “the birthers” are supporting Trump is because talk radio for some reason has built him up to be a hero. God only knows why. They are already ready to throw Carly under the bus but not a peep about Trump. The list about why Trump isn’t a conservative is a mile long but Beck is the only one standing up to “Trump the bully.” Maybe people are scared of him. I don’t know. It’s really shocking why they keep covering for him & portraying him as the victim. Erickson has become a hero on social media. All the more intelligent conservatives are comparing his move to what Buckley did with the John Birch Society. People think Mark Levin defends Trump in exchange for Trump promoting his book and that Levin is mad at Kelly because she use to have him on her show and then she banned him. I don’t know if that is true but that is the buzz on social media. Meanwhile, most of the mindless Trump supporters can only cite Levin for why they like him. Most of the people would have already thrown Trump in the garbage but talk radio is why he remains a rock star to certain people. He is talk radio’s Frankenstein.

      • Char in ND says:

        I don’t do social media but I read it. To me it isn’t much more than an internet gossip column, 2-party line back biting mechanism in which people vent their frustrations anonymously. Not my scene. It’s a popularity contest, who can get the most followers, the most fb friends.

        If you think Mark Levin is defending Trump to sell some books I’d say you are wrong, but you didn’t say that – you just said people think that. Apparently you are friends so why don’t you ask him outright. Instead of this bullshit.

        I don’t really give a flying f about Trump either. What I hate is bullies and bandwagons. So good for Erickson – he bowed to political correctness instead of facing a potential firestorm. What a hero. I bet he set quite the standard for censorship and shutting down dialogue for his little gold star and rave reviews on Twitter. Sickening.


    • Char, I hope you didn’t think I was mad at you. I’m sorry if you thought that. I didn’t mean to come across that way.

      I think you would like social media since you are a good writer who loves politics. There is a little gossip but you find that everywhere nowadays. It’s more like a town hall meeting where people can exchange political ideas. You can even get into friendly debates and so forth. I think the battle for hearts and minds will be won there. I think it will play a huge role in winning our republic back.

      I hate bullies and bandwagons too. I just see Trump and his followers as the bully and the bandwagon.

      You & I agree on almost everything. I hope you’re not mad at me just because we disagree on this.

      Love ya,

  4. Trump isn’t the anti- establishment candidate. He actually admitted to being a part of crony capitalism in the debate. Did the media bring up that? No, because they are covering for him.

  5. iamyournot says:

    How can anyone take Donald Trump as a serious candidate, Trump is a bully, and who is comparing Trump to Ronald Reagon, Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan responded during the 1984 presidential debates when asked if, at 73, he is too old to be President.”I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.
    Our focus should not be strayed by media hype, but on the content of character and of the responses of the candidates and not on the commentators.

    In my view round one goes to Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about Trump being a bully. Everybody in the media is scared to criticize him. Everybody in the media wants to be his friend. I say it is time to fight fire with fire and get tough on Trump. I enjoyed the two debates. Fiorina did stand out as the big winner of the night. I’m disappointed that she didn’t stand with Ted Cruz when he shut down the government and that she praised Boehner. That’s not good but we’ll have to see how things play out. I would love to see her & Trump debate face to face next time. Ben Carson is the opposite of Trump. What a classy eloquent man. I wish the media talked about him as much as they talk about Trump. Cruz is still my favorite. He had an outstanding performance at the Red State event. It was nice that we got to send the bad boy Trump to the principal’s office that day. It was refreshing to have a break from that disruptive loud mouth in order to hear from some of the other candidates. I don’t like Bush, Christie, Trump, Graham or Kasich. Other than that we have a pretty good field. We should have an interesting primary season.

      • Carly & Ben 2017 ticket Carly is tough can stand toe to toe with the Big boys, and Ben is the voice of reason.

      • You know I am leaning towards Cruz & Carson. We have a good field. I like half of the people running. It’s much better than the Democrats. Hillary, Sander, Bidden? Blah! What a tired old bunch they have. It’s laughable.

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