Carly Fiorina is a tough cookie who effectively took down Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And Chris Matthews All in One Night

Carly Fiorina is a tough cookie who effectively took down Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And Chris Matthews All in One Night

Carly Fiorina is a tough cookie who effectively took down Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And Chris Matthews All in One Night! I think she was the big star of the two GOP debates last night. – Alexis

The first clip is from Fox News where she gets a few seconds to lay into Trump. I’d love to see those two debate face to face. Press the arrow to play.




The next clip is from Mediaite (who I don’t like.) She eviscerates Chris Matthews and goes off on how Hillary is a liar. LOL! Great job Carly! Very impressive! Press the arrow to play.



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  1. Char in ND says:

    She’s an impressive candidate, smart and quick on her feet. She believes what she says, that’s why it seems so effortless. I’d like to see her star rise.

    • I hope so too!

      • Char in ND says:

        An amendment to my praise. Perhaps I spoke too soon.

        “Everybody could see this train wreck coming. I actually feel badly for John Boehner. I think this is Ted Cruz and President Obama’s shutdown. I think Ted Cruz’s tactics were wrong.

        There’s no honor in charging a hill that you know you can’t take, only casualties, although Ted Cruz maybe got name recognition and money along the way. But President Obama wanted this shutdown. And Ted Cruz played right into his hands.” – Carly Fiorina

      • Isn’t it weird how people are so quick to say how Carly isn’t a conservative but NOBODY (except maybe Glenn Beck) will say that about Trump. I’m telling you something very fishy is going on.

      • I wish talk radio hosts would post all the Trump clips from the past on their facebook pages. I wonder why they are quick to expose Carly but not Trump. Why aren’t they posting all the clips where Trump says the Democrats are the only ones who give us a strong economy? How about Trump saying he was for socialized single payer medicine? How about clips where Trump says he wants amnesty and a pathway for illegals? Haven’t seen those clips on talk radio host’s facebook pages. I wonder why they don’t post those??? Things that make you go…hmmmm

    • Char in ND says:

      Alexis – on the Right Scoop site, there are plenty of blog posts and articles criticizing Trump. I do like that site, because I think they are equal opportunity critics.

      Those words were Carly’s. As to my knowledge, she hasn’t retracted them so I have to assume that is how she still views it.

      Ted Cruz stood up and took a lot of heat for it. I have questioned him in the past, too but he always ends up making sense and explaining things to we, the citizens. I hope Fiorina does, too.

      I honestly don’t know what this has to do with Glenn Beck or the other hosts you did not name. Or Trump, again. 😦

      By your deflection, I get the sense you don’t want any criticism of anybody except Trump on your site. That’s fine. It’s been nice talking to you and I have appreciated your website and commentary very much these past few years.

      God bless you and best wishes.

      • I have been outraged at the media lately and I am venting about them. I hope you didn’t think I was mad at you Char. I’m sorry if you thought that. I didn’t mean to come across that way.

        You know I am a huge supporter of Ted Cruz and I was 100% behind him during the government shutdown! I can’t stand Boehner. Like you, I was disappointed to hear Carly Fiorina make the statement you posted. I’m still learning about her. I think that story broke Saturday night. We will have to see how all of this plays out.

        I was comparing the media’s coverage of Fiorina to Trump. The media will go to great lengths to dig up dirt on Fiorina, Cruz and others but never Trump. It’s a matter of basic fairness in the media. A president’s temperament matters. Trump’s behavior towards many people over the years makes him appear to be unhinged. I don’t see that in the other candidates and it is frightening, but the media covers for him. And Trump does seem to have weird, almost creepy issues with women which was funny on reality TV but not funny as POTUS. There is a noticeable advantage being given to Trump over the other candidates in conservative media outlets. He gets much more positive airtime compared to Cruz and the others.

        I’ll rephrase my Beck statement as a question. Other than Glenn Beck, have you heard anyone else on talk radio discuss Trump’s numerous Leftist policy views? (Big name or smaller radio shows) Just curious.

        I’m frustrated because I feel like everybody in the media is afraid of Trump and they are giving him softball interviews. (I also think Trump is a bully and a sleezeball.) That’s why when Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, Carly Fiorina or Erick Erickson stand up to him it’s so refreshing to me. I cheer it! I’m not saying I agree with them politically. I’m just happy to see ANYONE stand up to Trump. I’d like to see much more of that.

        I’m angry at the media for their portrayal of Trump as a hero and/or a victim. I think the media wants to portray him as the “anti- establishment” guy and that’s an out and out lie. He is just as liberal as Bush or Christie. The difference is Bush and Christie are honest about their beliefs and I think Trump is lying.

        I’m intensely angry at Trump right now because I believe he is attempting to make conservatives look like fools. He is playing the stereotypical role of how the Left and Hollywood see us.

        You said “I get the sense you don’t want any criticism of anybody except Trump on your site.” Why would you think that? Trump is a hot topic right now. However, you should remember (or check the archives) how I criticize lots of people. LOL! 🙂 I have criticized: Boehner, McConnell, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Jennifer Rubin, John Feehery, Brad Dayspring, The NRSC, Peter Wehner, Ron Paul, Tom Wood, Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove and many more! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    We need to see more of Carly, she needs to stand with the big boys next time.

  3. daniel peterson says:

    You are mental. Carly is a con artist who has no respect for american workers.

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