Ted Cruz Schools Jorge Ramos In This Interview

Ted Cruz Schools Jorge Ramos In This Interview

Ted Cruz Schools Jorge Ramos In This Interview
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  1. Should be a lesson for all Conservatives on how to handle the left in an interview! Cruz just keeps on keeping on! Pushes past Cruz’d by the Man!

  2. There is an interesting lawsuit agains McConnel and Boenher. Read about it here. http://foavc.org

  3. Char in ND says:

    The commentary about Jorge Ramos by John Nolte is wonderful and revealing. But not so surprising!


    Think what you want about open border activist and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos (as you’ll see below, I don’t think much of him), but the man has talent. Ramos is very bright, charismatic and a skillful activist. He’s a also a skillful liar and propagandist; a man who pretends to care deeply about his fellow Mexicans, when the truth is that in exchange for fame, wealth and political power, Ramos abandoned over 120 million of them.

    According to his own biography, the 57 year-old Ramos came to America in 1983, when he was 25 years old. He didn’t come here from Mexico as a child with his parents as my wife did. She knows no other country. Ramos left Mexico and came here as a full-fledged adult, a grown man loaded with exactly the kind of talent and ambition his home country of Mexico desperately needs.

    That’s all well and good. Millions of other immigrants have, as well. But Ramos poses as a The Great Defender Of The Mexican People, which makes him a mercenary liar of the first order.

    If Ramos truly cared about “his people,” instead of selling out 120 million of them stuck in a corrupt, desperate country, he would have remained in the country he grew to an adult in, to utilize his talents for the good of Mexico and the Mexican people.

    Instead, after realizing he could become wealthy and powerful by aligning himself with the hard-left here in America, Ramos seeks only to hurt America with his destructive open border ideas because he knows that policy is the key to his wealth and fame.

    America doesn’t need reform and reformers, Mexico does. The fight talented men like Ramos should be waging is to turn Mexico into the kind of country that doesn’t create millions of illegals — a prosperous and free country where people want to live not flee. That’s a righteous fight — that is the fight of a patriot.

    Jorge Ramos is no champion of the Mexican people or the Mexican immigrant.

    He’s a first-class sellout, a coward and a backstabber.

    There is just no other way to describe a man who abandoned his own country and sold his soul for a career that encourages his own people to make a dangerous trek through a treacherous desert led by coyote criminals and rapists.

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