The Supreme Court unilaterally overruled the will of the people

The Supreme Court unilaterally overruled the will of the people

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Matt Walsh Via facebook

I’m just getting back from vacation. I made it home just in time to watch on TV as the Supreme Court unilaterally overruled the will of the people, the authority of the legislature, and thousands of years of human civilization to decree that gay marriage must be legalized across the land.

Of course I’m not surprised by this turn of events, but it’s no less despicable, infuriating, and bewildering. Especially after reading a good portion of the majority opinion, which appears to have been written by a teenage gay activist, not a Justice of the highest court in the land.

The liberal judges justify this dictatorial act by saying that gay people get lonely if they can’t marry, and that everyone needs the “intimacy and spirituality” marriage affords. And these are, allegedly, constitutional interpretations. Oh, did you miss the part in the Bill of Rights where it describes an American’s right to intimacy and romance? Yeah, I did too. Mostly because it doesn’t exist. But, then, few care what the law actually says anymore.

In any case, the good news, if there can be any, is that the Supreme Court did not actually redefine marriage. It can’t. It tried, but it can’t. Marriage is, has been, and always will be only one particular thing: the union between a man and a woman.

Some will say that the actual definition of marriage doesn’t matter anymore, now that our country has adopted the “gay marriage” perversity wholesale. But I think it still matters. The truth still matters, and always will:

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  2. “The Truth still matters and always will,” I like that.

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