Mark Levin urges states to ‘take back your power’ from ‘runaway’ Obama

Mark Levin urges states to ‘take back your power’ from ‘runaway’ Obama

Mark Levin urges states to ‘take back your power’ from ‘runaway’ Obama

It’s not a “Constitutional Convention” but you get the point …

By Paul Bedard Via the Washington Examiner-

The building national movement for a constitutional convention to block President Obama’s executive orders got a huge boost Thursday when leading advocate Mark Levin urged state lawmakers to throttle all of Washington, including Republicans.

“Take your power back,” he demanded of the hundreds of lawmakers attending the American Legislative Exchange Council convention on Capitol Hill. “You are the last line of defense of liberty.”

Levin got star billing because a focus of the winter meeting of the limited government group is pushing for a convention of states, a project of the Citizens for Self-Governance, who sponsored the top talk show host who recently wrote a book laying out constitutional amendments the nation should consider.

He described a nation that is morphing into a “post-constitutional” crisis where state legislatures are “irrelevant,” and the president and Congress do whatever they want, and nobody in Washington provides checks and balances.

“We have a president of the United States who says, ‘Hey, Congress won’t act. I will.’ Excuse me? Well what’s that? Sounds like a runaway convention to me,” he said.

Ditto for Republicans. “Throw out the establishment Republicans and others who are stopping you from doing what you need to do,” Levin urged.

To applause, he pushed legislators to consider a convention of 2,000-3,000 delegates to review procedures for hosting a constitutional convention as a warning shot to Congress and the White House. “That alone would shake up this city,” he said.

While Levin and convention proponents have support, some at the ALEC event said it was too radical a move, and a few cited criticisms that a conservative-led convention would go too far.

Levin rejected the concerns about a “runaway convention,” noting that the Constitution requires many states to approve any action, making it unlikely that a radical idea would get through.

He dismissed critics, and added that proponents are simply trying to save the Constitution.

“Ignore these idiots,” he said of critics, adding about his backers, “we’re not some cult over here. We’re the majority.”

Washington Examiner

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  1. Mark Levin…Sorry to say….if your a Jew I don’t trust you or your tribe. There is always a method to your madness.

    Jim Rizoli
    jjrizo on youtube

  2. davidfarrar says:

    I just returned from a meeting in Marietta, Georgia, put on by the Coalition to Restore and Preserve the Constitution. It was a debate run rather well, I thought, by the moderator. Publius Huldah was there representing the opposition to Article V. The proponent, was Lance Lamberton, of the Cobb Taxpayers Association. Of course, this was definitely an “away-game” for Lance, but it wasn’t until the room, full of about 150 people, started whispering in unison with Pup when she got to a point she wanted emphasized, did I realize the tenor of the room and its hostility toward holding an Article V Convention.

    I won’t go into Pup’s points. She obviously was convinced she was saving the country from certain destruction should a Article V convention evey be held, no matter how many times Lance said such a thing was impossible.

    These were obviously, our kind of people; Tea Party activists and other assorted fiscal conservative Republicans, with a smattering of John Birch Society members there as well. The lesson I learned from this experience perhaps can be used to help further the advance of using the Article V process as an effective tool to rein in our out-of-control federal government, is just that…it’s a tool, a very, very powerful tool — and that’s just the problem. Like any powerful tool, these people well understood if used wrongly, it could cause unimaginable damage, if used correctly, it could help us solve some of our most intractable problems. In other words, these people clearly understood the power of an An Article V, but were nowhere near being convinced it can be properly controlled by the forces at hand. Simply put, there are way too many “ifs” associated with holding an Article V convention to win these people’s hearts and minds to the cause of support.

    What we need to do is first address as many “ifs” as possible through congressional legislation, before calling for an Article V convention if you want grassroot support.

    As an example, they were aware 38 states had to actually pass any proposal coming out of the an Article V convention, but they believe while sitting in convention, they could change the ratification vote to any number during the over do.

    ex animo

  3. Christopher A. Brown says:

    Now I’m worried. I’ve been trying to find out for about a year if “Convention of States” is associated with ALEC in any way. Could not find a connection. Word was a home school guy is behind the citizens group that started it. We know the Koch brothers are behind ALEC. Big time exploitation of GATT, petroleum and gas. Perhaps okay if benefitting the US, but it’s sold off shore, Asia and Africa. GATT and NAFTA are treason removing US law from control over US territory.

    “Convention of States” seemed more grass roots, but refused to dialogue about the notion that “the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts” (Lincoln 1859) and that for them to be the masters they need to be prepared to run a check on CONSTITUTIONAL INTENT.

    What I think I’m seeing is to heads of the same monster getting ready to hijack a convention and leave the determination of constitutional intent up to corporations an incumbent politicians USING Obama as an excuse.

    This reeks of a set up folks.

    • The Koch brothers are awesome!
      ALEC is a wonderful organization.
      And who at the “Convention of States” refused to dialogue?
      I’m sorry but your comment comes across like something a conspiracy theorist would write. It’s rather incoherent. You are welcome to try to explain yourself in more detail if you wish.

      • davidfarrar says:

        This is exactly what I am talking about. There are far, far too many “ifs” at present to gather focused support for the only tool we, the People, have in addressing a runaway federal government and because of the uncertainty involved…the people are afraid to use it. We should be building up support in Congress to move ahead and set amendments before the people to clear up all of these present uncertainties, For example, the selection of delegates. Everybody knows the only fair way is to allow each state to select their own delegate(s) — you see, there’s another “if” — in this way, we, the people, can start working with our own legislatures in adopting the selection of Article V delegate(s). People here in Georgia are actually working for a recall of Georgia’s Article V notification letter because they see the same (monied) interests at work because the Governor, the Leader of the state Senate and the Speaker of the state House are the only ones who are going to select the delegate(s). We need to start taking these issues one by one, if need be, and have them addressed through the amendment process, even at the state level. Will there be enough time? I have no idea. I do know that because this wasn’t done the last time around, Congress was able to preempt the calling of an Article V convention to deal strictly with the balanced budget, and look what happened.

        I’ll check with Lance to see if he can get ahold of a copy of the video. There were several large cameras set up and manned, so I assume there are several in existence.

        ex animo

  4. davidfarrar says:

    Since my “conservative” college days — being a graduate of one of the nation’s five merchant marine academies — I have tried to live by the political motto: “Give everyone a voice. Allow all to speak and all to be accurately heard.” Sadly, of late, I have had somewhat of an epiphany on the subject of calling for an Article V convention, as supported by the Convention of States (COS), the Compact of America (CFA), and Mark Levin.

    In short, while I accept the notion that each individual state has the constitutional authority to not only call for an Article V convention, but to determine for themselves how their delegates may be chosen, and how each state may adopt any amendment(s) that may result from said convention; as far as my own state is concerned (Georgia), I cannot accept anything less than the sovereignty of we the People to decide who the delegates to said convention may be, and to which amendment may be adopted as a result of such a convention, period.

    ex animo

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