Did New York Police Choke Eric Garner To Death? Interesting Take

Did New York Police Choke Eric Garner To Death? Interesting Take

Did New York Police Choke Eric Garner To Death? Interesting Take

From Gracie academy

***No, the “Choke” did not cause Eric Garner’s death.***

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner (6′ 4″ – 350 lbs) died immediately after an altercation with officers of the New York Police Department regarding the selling of un-taxed cigarettes. The incident was caught on video, and during the altercation one of the officers applied a neck restraint to control Mr. Garner and get him to the ground. Although the mainstream media has clung onto the idea that the “choke-hold” is what caused my Garner’s death, Ryron and Rener offer their own opinions on the incident based on their experience as life-long jiu-jitsu practitioners and lead defensive tactics instructors of the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) program for law enforcement. The Gracie brothers also discuss the challenges that arise when arresting subjects with pre-existing medical conditions and demonstrate some of the GST techniques that enable officers to control and arrest unruly subjects with the least amount of force possible.

Our hearts go out to the Garner Family and to the officers involved in this traumatic situation.

In the video Rener references the findings of many studies on the use of the Vascular Neck Restraint in law enforcement, and here is the most in-depth studies on the subject conducted by the Canadian Police Research Center http://media.wix.com/ugd/89d384_9a7cb…

If you’re interested, here is another important study by the Force Science Institute regarding the relative risk of injury to the officers surrounding the top five force options: the http://www.forcescience.org/fsnews/10…

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, Ryron and Rener are formally inviting any NYPD Defensive Tactics Training Staff Coordinators to participate in any Gracie Survival Tactics 5-day Instructor Certification Course in 2014 for free. If you qualify for this opportunity, simply contact the Gracie Academy at info@gracieacademy.com and we’ll sort out the details.


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San Diego, CA (October 13-17, 2014)

GST Level 2 (Must be L1 Graduate to Attend)
Arlington, TX (November 3-7, 2014)

All additional dates and details available online at: http://www.GracieSurvivalTactics.com

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  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    During the commission of a crime and/or making an arrest an officer is faced with many decision including life or death ones for both the subject and the officer. These range from lethal force to letting the subject walk away. During these conflicts the officer will not know if the subject is armed, underage, or at medical risk. If the subject refuses to cooperate what level of force is required is the issue and in hind sight with all the variables known the best one can be picked — the best one can not be determined at the time the subject is resisting. And what else can not be determined is the past record of the individual and what that individual would do if he/she was not arrested. Forgoten in all of this is the fact that none of these events would have happened if the suspect had not resisted arrest, to me that means the officer as the right to do what he/she has to do which is enforce the law.

    • It’s such a sad situation. I doubt that race had anything to do with it despite what the race baiters are doing to our country. It’s very different than what happened with Michael Brown & Officer Wilson where Wilson was clearly innocent and Brown was extremely violent to both the store clerk and Wilson. I hate the media and protesters for lumping all these cases together. It is unfortunate that every police officer all across our country has to be subject to hate now because of this situation. It’s heartbreaking that a man like Garner who seemed nice and non violent died in such a way for selling smokes. Yet, our police have to take action when people resist arrest and Garner was breaking the law and then resisted arrest. Instead of the takeaway lesson being “follow police orders,” I worry this will only lead to more distrust and resistance of arrest between police and suspects. Thanks for the reblog my friend.

  2. wonder why they did not just tase him?

    • Some of the experts have said that with his poor health tasing or pepper spray could have resulted in his death as well. It’s a very sad situation. Apparently, there are stages the police go through when someone is resisting arrest, first they ask, then they gently grab the arms to place the handcuffs on. Then, if the person still resists, it escalates to more physical methods of attempting to detain the person. It’s very unpleasant to see something like this.

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