Spontaneous Pro Israel Rally Erupts in New York City Amongst Gaza Zealots

Spontaneous Pro Israel Rally Erupts in New York City Amongst Gaza Zealots

This is an inspiring video from Danielle Avel. Big thanks to her!  A spontaneous pro Israel rally erupts after the “Free Palestine” nuts arrive. Very heart warming. Press the arrow to play.




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  1. Beautiful! The Palestinian sympathizers were stunned into silence. They’ve had their way bullying people for so long they had no idea what to do when people gathered against them. They had the same dumb look on their faces Biff Tannen had when George McFly finally punches him out in Back to the Future. Duuuuuhhhh…what hit me? Awesome!

    • Thank you for the beautiful comment! 🙂 I have had my share of pro Gaza bullies harassing me on twitter over the past month. It’s good to see them get a little stunned. Please stop by more often and chat with all of us here!

      • I love it! You’ve got support from way out here in San Diego!

      • It’s appreciated. 🙂

      • Sheboygan_Schnoid says:

        Props from Northern Virginia (Fairfax County), as well. The mainstream media outlets has demonstrated all too often over the last 20-some years to be undependable and biased, and I refuse to accept their pro-terrorist / anti-Israel “news products”. Israel has been more than patient and generous in its dealings with its declared enemies, over and over again. Israel needs to finish the job in the Gaza Strip so they won’t have to return at a later date to deal with the terrorist cockroaches once again. Now, I just wish we could see all 535 members of Congress do the same thing these Jewish store owners did. Unfortunately, most on the Democrat side that won’t, for ideological reasons, and too many on the Republican side won’t because of cowardice. ‘Tea Party’ Republicans are the notable exceptions. Keep the faith.

      • This is a great comment. I agree with you. I wish our government would get itself straightened out in many ways but they are stubborn. Therefore, “we the people” need to throw out these old guards.

      • This would have been a much better video if there had been sound. It is a great video, but I would like to have heard the pro-Israel crowd drowning out the pro terrorists.

      • There is sound after the first 30 seconds or so. Turn up the volume. It’s great!

    • Love Israel…..Praying for them!!! Amazing people who have a beautiful heart!!!

    • Kelley Hughes says:

      It baffles me that anyone supports hamas and their killings. I am with Israel all the way and would love to see them turn hamas to glass. Go IS-RA-EL!!!

  2. With tears in my eyes, I, too, am clapping! Bless you!

    • I feel the same way Elsa! I loved this video. Thanks for your comment. Please come by more often & tell us how you feel about things. God bless you!

      • my heart and prayers are with Israel!!!! God be with them….may the put Hamas to rest once and for all..they are the devil of all man kind.

  3. Sharon Esco says:

    I had goosebumps watching the crowd of pro-Israel supporters grow larger and larger until they outnumbered and overwhelmed their enemies! How I wish I could have been part of that group.

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Paul Apicella says:

    I can’t help but wonder why people support the murdering thugs called Hamas.

  6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They will prosper that love thee!

  7. Debbie Bolen says:

    Not only New York loves Israel, but this conservative Christian in Cincinnati, Ohio loves them, too! God Bless You!

  8. I
    As a born-again Christian I find this inspiring!!!! All across our country we need throngs of people to stand against the tyrannical, murderous, irrational, hateful terrorists. The irrational hatred against the Jewish people and their Nation is proof of the existence of God and the accuracy and legitimacy of the Bible. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!!! When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ rules and reigns: there will be true peace. “Even so come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” Revelation 22:20-21

    • I agree with you Mrs. Young. I have been very worried and concerned over the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. It’s inspiring to see people stand for Israel. Thank you for your comment.

  9. Love Israel and her people!!! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EXIST AND THRIVE!!!!

  10. Kill Hamas save lives. Kill Hamas save children. Humanitarians for killing Hamas. People with 2 digit IQ are for killing Hamas.

  11. Enough is enough. Can anyone see and realize that Adonai is starting to defend Israel? Let them continue to harass God’s chosen people. I tell you the rebuke is tallying and the reproach is going to to be sudden, swift, severe and awesome.

    Yes, Israel will come to understand and accept that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is Shema.

    Keep the faith people.

  12. amyecurtis says:

    That’s Awesome! I’m a Christian, and stand with Israel against the Barbaric-terrorist-Hamas! 😀

    • Israel fights the same ideology that fights with us. It’s the same ideology which would kill our children, Islamic fundamentalism. Hamas has to be destroyed. Israel will help the civilians in that area once Hamas is taken out.

  13. tony palombini says:

    I’m a born again Christian who supports Israel 100%. God’s chosen people. One day we will all be together with our Lord and savior Jesus. I pray not only for Israel and my Jewish brothers and sisters, but also for these misguided people. Unless they repent their sins, they are consigning themselves to an eternity of torment. God Bless Israel.

  14. Did I really see a Mexican flag among the Pro-Palestinian marchers?

  15. I have tears streaming down my face. Ohio loves Israel, too!

  16. Char in ND says:

    The Bible speaks of a time when Israel will stand alone, surrounded by armies. As I live and breathe, I will never fail to be a supporter of Israel. The people of Israel will have to endure much I fear in the years to come, especially without an American President to stand by and support them as a true ally would and should.
    Remember the promise God made to Abraham when He told him He would make him the father of a great nation, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee;” – Genesis 12:3. God will protect Israel and He made that perfectly clear.
    Thanks for the wonderful post and inspiring video, Alexis. God bless you!

  17. I loved seeing this. I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem. I am a Christian from California and me and my whole family support Israel.

  18. Whenever America needs allies, Israel is one of the first to stand by us.
    As a Christian, I stand with Israel : Always have an always will.
    Israel has never, ever ever been an Islamic state.
    HAMAS is a terrorist group, plain and simple.
    It’s not rocket science> and if HAMAS has it’s way, they will kill all the Jews and then what?
    What happens when they cast their eyes on the rest of the world? Because people like that always have to find a group of people to hate.
    We have to stand together against these rabid dogs.

    • The terrorists are already on a rampage killing Christians all over the Middle East. And they hate America. To them America & Israel are “big satan and little satan.” When nobody else is around, they kill each other. It’s a religion of war. Thanks for commenting Anne!

  19. Any chance this video reaches the main stream media? Or just the first part?

  20. Rick Dickson says:

    Diamonds in the rough ..& tumble .

  21. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and saw antisemitism everyda. I support Israel and the IDF’s right to defend themselves against the crazies of Hamas. God bless Israeli.

  22. Best wishes from Brazil to all the Jewish people and long life to Israel! Shalom!

  23. Ronald Hayes says:

    Great video, I wish something like that could have happened in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. The usual anti Israel protesters with loud mouths. It would be nice for once to have them shouted down. We love and pray for Israel in Stockton, Ca.

  24. I could feel the strength of God’s people defending Irasel. It was amazing to watch. God bless them!

  25. Conny Nichols says:

    It’s moving to see that there are strong pockets of populations outside Israel that strongly support Israel. From the beautiful state of New Mexico, I love and support Israel and do my share to spread the correct information abut Hamas’ immoral and criminal terroristic tactics. Well me Diamond District! Keep it up!

    • Thank you so much Conny. I’m constantly happy when I hear people are spreading the truth about Israel and Hamas because the Left is doing their best to slant the story and make Hamas out to be the victim. I’m truly disturbed so many people are falling for their lies. Keep up the good work supporting Israel. Please stop by this site more often. We need more friends like you.

  26. awesome video! hamas are terrorist, Israel is peace loving, period.

  27. and anyone who supports hamas is a terrorist and a Jew hater.

  28. I pray for our world and our future…

  29. breitstein says:


  30. I’m not Jewish but I love Israel. Israel will never be conquered. It has God.

  31. i want to applaud, but these same counter protestors will keep voting for anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish politicians like Obama no matter what. it makes no sense why any Jew would vote for the political party devoted to their destruction. Please help me understand the dichotomy…

  32. Palestinians have EVER RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES against the illegal occupiers

    • Andrew G Haney says:

      First of all the Palestinians aren’t the people that need to defend themselves, they are being warned hours in advance when areas holding missiles or where tunnels were are being bombed. The problem is Hamas a terrorist organization, once they are removed Israel will help the Palestinian people just as they have in the past. Get a clue as to what you are talking about.

      • The pro Gaza nuts are clueless & deeply indoctrinated.

      • Paul Apicella says:

        Regarding Israel: I have learned a great lesson. It was an epiphany! I was talking to a long-time liberal friend when I remembered what Mark Levin suggested some time ago. He said to ask “these People” “What are core beliefs?. The honest answer was “none”. I gathered from this answer that the political struggle is all that matters and nothing else. They only create factions that will support the cause. THE CAUSE IS WINNING THE STRUGGLE! When I talk to a liberal progressive statist about civic virtue and liberty, he stares at me like I’m from another planet. I believe he’s thinking “what does THIS have to do with winning?” Stop trying to convince them that your views should be their views. It’s a waste a time. Sorry.

      • It’s not just liberals. It is also the RINOs in the GOP. They would sacrifice values and principles in the name of winning as well. When you talk about liberty to the establishment types, they talk about metrics and winning elections. They don’t care at all about what is happening to the United States Constitution. Good point Paul. (I still have fun sometimes beating liberals & rinos in debates. It’s a healthy pastime.)

  33. I see my comments will go nowhere with a pro-Israeli moderator, freedom of speech SHUTDOWN. PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!!

    • I’ve been dealing with idiots like you for a month on social media. I’m sick of repeating myself. You Pro-Gaza people all blockheads & you are greatly outnumbered. There is no “Palestine.” It was part of the Ottoman Empire.

  34. Bill lavin says:

    When will the sleeping awake???

  35. Great Video and post, standing with you and praying for you here in the British Virgin Islands. I can’t stand that Israel is expected to fight a war with both hands tied behind their back. NO other Country would be as lenient as Israel has been (duh this is WAR) I wish they would stop listening to the powers that be in D.C. and know that the majority of the American People support them 150%. Turn Gaza into a parking lot, no more cease fires those folks voted in the “Hamasholes” (hat tip Mark Levin). Thanks again I.D.F.

  36. Andrew G Haney says:

    The ignorance of some that have lived in a free democratic society free from daily threats of terrorism is astonishing, yes NYC has been attacked several times but not continually like Israel. The ignorant need to understand that Israel fights for all of us that live in a free democratic society, not just for Israel, if Israel loses we all lose, obviously the ignorant do NOT understand this. These people obviously only listen and watch left leaning news media that fall into the trap that Hamas has set, using women and children as human shields, then using the fallout as propaganda to gain sympathy from the rest of the world. The ignorant need to and must understand that these women and children mean absolutely nothing to Hamas other than a tool to garner sympathy for the destruction of Israel.

    Hamas is a terrorist organization plain and simple. Since when do citizens of the United States support terrorists, the fact that these people are marching in support of Hamas makes me sick!!!

    One more quick comment, there is a reason that countries in the Middle East that usually condemn Israel and call for its destruction for these attacks have either remained silent or have made a brief comment in support of Israel.

    Thanks Alexis, for posting. thanks Danielle, for a job well done.

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