Allen West Speaks out in favor of Israel

Allen West Speaks out in favor of Israel

Allen West on Fox News standing with Israel

Video from Right Sightings- Thanks (@slaboe)
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  1. Char in ND says:

    Wouldn’t Allen West be a great President!

    • Yes he would and he would be the true first black president. Everyone forgets that Obama is half Kenyan and half Caucasian so when the race card gets played when the white people don’t like his policies we can’t be racist because we are Caucasian just as he is. He used his white grandparents when he ran against Hillary in the first primary, but once he won that he suddenly became a black man. The truth is, he is mixed. Nothing wrong with that, but he can’t pull out the race card. Lt. Col. Allen West is an honorable man who has served our country with ‘honor and dignity’ and would make an excellent Commander-in-Chief instead of what we have now Fundraiser-in-Chief. I pray that anyone of color doesn’t take offense to what I’m saying here as it is not meant to offend. I’m just stating the truth that has been given by POTUS. I personally think that the term African-American is a racist term as not all people from Africa are people of color. Another term that is racist is “nude” like when you go to buy hosiery ~ is that the color everyone is when they are nude? No. Its a throwback from the “old days” and needs to be changed, IMO. So please don’t take offense.

      God bless!

    • Yes, he would make a wonderful president. He is such an intelligent honorable man.

      • I would LOVE to hear that he is running. There is some buzzing that Dr. Carson may run as well! Both would be upstanding, honorable men. Though I do feel that if you are going to be Commander-in-Chief, you should have worn a uniform so you understand what it is to be in the military. Clinton went to Canada to avoid having to serve. George W. Bush served. George HW Bush served. Reagan served. Obama never served in our military. He needed a Visa to go to school in this country. Why would he need a Visa if he was a citizen? Anyway, Lt. Col. Allen West is an excellent choice for 2016!!!

  2. Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  3. Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Allen West is such a no nonsense man and I have so much respect for him. I hope you will find that you do too!

  4. I just love Lt. Col. Allen West! He is a no nonsense man who will serve in government excellent as he will NOT become corrupt like the other ones do because he is strong coming from his military background. I am so happy to have him on the Republican side because he will be able to speak to people of color that will hear him, most will consider him a traitor to their race, but if they would just listen to him, and really hear him, they would have their eyes opened and they might actually become more responsible voters as a result. That I pray happens as we need to turn this country around or we won’t have a country. God forbid.

    Thank you for sharing this, Queen of Liberty! I love all of your posts. I find you to be always on top of all the important things and I love how you want to leave the truth behind so that those who look for it will be able to find it! Makes me love that we are connected and I hope to be friends!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment & the compliment. Allen West is awesome! I’m happy we became Internet friends too. What’s your name?
      🙂 Alexis

      • Forgive me Alexis, my name is Rhonda aka nanarhonda as I have 10 grandchildren and I’m 50 years old! LOL I love it You deserve the wonderful comments and compliments as you do a fabulous job here and I have a mentor of sorts, if you don’t mind me using you to learn from. and I am very happy to call you friend! 🙂 Many, many blessings!

      • It’s so nice to officially meet you my friend. Stop by & voice your opinion as much as you like. If you are on twitter, say hi there too. I’m @mercuryoneoc

  5. I forgot to say that I reblogged it as well! EVERYWHERE I could! 🙂

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