Veiled Threat – UK’s senior Muslim Brotherhood leader to British PM : Don’t ban us – or else

Veiled Threat – UK’s senior Muslim Brotherhood leader to British PM : Don’t ban us – or else


Ibrahim Mounir Ibrahim Mounir

It is a familiar argument at this point: acting against Islamic jihadists risks “alienating moderate Muslims.” The Times editors put “peaceful” in brackets ahead of Ibrahim Mounir’s reference to “Muslim Brotherhood values,” but in reality the Brotherhood’s year in power in Egypt was anything but peaceful; that year was marked by thuggery against its opponents, and since the Brotherhood was toppled from power, its supporters have blamed Christians for the loss of power, terrorizing them and burning churches. And even if it really were peaceful, the Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to establishing Islamic law in societies, and we are constantly told that Muslims in the West have no interest in bringing Sharia West with them, now or ever — so one would think that genuinely moderate Muslims would be happy to repudiate the Brotherhood and see it banned in Britain.

Ibrahim Mounir’s tactic here is very…

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  1. edpierceep says:

    Terrorism is still terrorism no matter what form it comes in and it should be shut down before it even gets a chance to rear it’s ugly head. How dare these people threaten anything in a country that isn’t their own? You cannot possibly expect to go anywhere that you are not wanted and expect to make demands for change. Terrorism isn’t wanted anywhere on this planet and terrorists should become made even more aware of that fact.

    • The problem with what you are saying is that is can be misconstrued as hatred towards a certain people and even though we all know what you mean, in the wrong hands, those kind of statement become fuel for the fire and it makes people back down to demands of terrorists.

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