Obama and Reid’s ‘Koch Obsession’ Must be Stopped –  Fighting to Restore a Free Society

Obama and Reid’s ‘Koch Obsession’ Must be Stopped – Fighting to Restore a Free Society

I agree. Our society use to look up to successful hard working people like the Koch family. What have we become? A nation filled with Marxist class warfare mentality? The people who still believe in the American dream need to rise up and speak out against what the Left is doing.

Reclaim Our Republic

Charles Koch: I’m Fighting to Restore a Free Society
Obama Reid
April 4, 2014 By Matthew Burke

It’s a shame that Charles Koch, a private citizen, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a leading champion to restore individual liberty, should find it necessary to defend himself against big government bullies and thugs like progressive democrat communists Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

It is a shame that Koch should have to put up with Obama and Reid, who have become extremely rich men, while offering absolutely nothing to society, while sucking on the government teat for their entire lives. Both came into government flat broke and both are now filthy rich on government salaries and benefits, having obtained their wealth on the backs of hard-working American taxpayers.

Koch Industries produces products that make Americans lives better, all while employing 60,000 Americans. Some of the “evil” everyday products that Koch Industries produces are used by…

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  1. edpierceep says:

    The sad truth is that many people feel the exact same way as we do but they won’t ever speak up for fear of disrupting their comfortable lives. It won’t be very comfortable when tanks drive through their quiet subdivisions demanding everything they own for the “common good” and for those who won’t ever work for, or deserve it!

  2. Why do governments think that it’s normal and acceptable to bully people just for the sake of advancing their political agendas? You can’t always have your cake and eat it, the elitist administration needs to be taught this lesson.

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