Michigan Becomes the 23rd State to Apply for Article V Convention of States

Michigan Becomes the 23rd State to Apply for Article V Convention of States

The Michigan Legislature recognized its responsibility to our nation by passing a bipartisan resolution applying for a Convention of States under Article V to exclusively consider a federal balance budget amendment.

Tom Llewellyn, Michigan Chairman of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, said, “By passing SJR V, Michigan became the 23rd state to apply for Convention of States to exclusively consider a federal balanced budget amendment. I am very pleased to have participated in helping fulfill the duty of our state to call-out the reckless fiscal behavior of Congress.”

The U.S. federal government has run up a debt of over 17 trillion dollars, largely to underwrite past and present consumption using resources that should belong to future Americans. That debt continues to grow. Congress has shown itself unable or unwilling to operate within its means. Never before in the history of this country has one generation left the next generation in such a precarious fiscal situation.

Momentum is building fast in pursuit of this state-driven amendment designed to reign-in the excessive spending of Congress.

“The ability of states to propose amendments,” said Tom, “was put in the constitution to address the very circumstance we find ourselves in today, namely an unresponsive and out-of-control Congress that refuses to deal with critical issues, such as the massive debt.”

Sen. Mike Green added, “If we fail to get our nation’s finances under control, we’ll hand our kids and grandkids a huge credit card bill, a bankrupt country and an economy on the verge of collapse. It is immoral and I don’t know of any parent or grandparent that wants to do that. We can do better.”

During his remarks on the floor, Green specifically thanked the governor, the national Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, and House Speaker Jase Bolger for working to secure passage of the resolution.

David Biddulph, Co-founder, Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, thanked Sen. Mike Green, Rep. Ray Franz, Charles Owens (NFIB), Lou Marin (IAMAMERICAN), Tom Llewellyn, and others for their tireless efforts to pass this important piece of legislation for our nation.

“I am very encouraged by the results of the Michigan vote. Americans are waking up to a federal government which continues to spend $6.8 million dollars per minute, which is irresponsible, unsustainable and has no end in sight. The States must intercede though Article V to force Congress to balance our federal budget before it’s too late,” said Lou Marin, CEO, I Am American.org.

Bill Fruth, Co-founder, Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, provided expert testimony before the legislature on the dire need for a balanced budget amendment.

The total U.S. debt has increased every year since 1957 (U.S. Treasury Department). Now only 10 countries out of world’s 193 have a higher total debt to G.D.P. ratio than does the U.S. (107%). That list includes: Greece – 159%, Jamaica-147%, Italy-127% & Portugal-123%. (Source: I.M.F.) The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that under current law the federal government will be $27.2 trillion in debt by 2024 for an average increase in total debt of $1 trillion per year.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen stated, “I’ve said many times that I believe the single, biggest threat to our national security is our debt.”

According to data compiled by Scott Rogers, Executive Director of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, 23 states, including Michigan, have “active” applications to hold an interstate meeting (convention) to draft a balanced budget amendment. He noted, “Our nation is only 11 more states away from calling a limited convention under Article V.”

The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition whose mission is to educate state legislators on their Constitutional power to propose and ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that aims to quadruple family income and pay off the nation’s debt within four generations.

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  3. Gregory Watson says:

    On March 26, 2014, Michigan lawmakers gave final approval to Senate Joint Resolution “V” applying for an Article V Convention on the topic of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Depending upon your point of view on the question of whether a state can repeal a past application for an Article V Convention, Michigan is either the 22nd or the 34th state to so apply. Article V requires applications from 34 states in order to trigger a Convention to amend the Federal Constitution

  4. Rick Butkowski says:

    Bad idea. !.) A balanced budget amendment is not a “fix” for this problem. It will be used as an excuse to raise taxes, not reduce spending. and 2.) it lets the camel get his nose in the tent to enable anti-Americans to scrap the U.S. Constitution. Don’t y’all get it? This crap goes around every 20 years or so. Read the New States Constitution if you want to see what the wreckers want to pass. It is tantamount to constitution that would assign overseers and render all your God-given rights to state-managed privileges. BEWARE!

  5. 11 more states to go! What’s stopping the people now? Which states are holding out and are any of them still on the fence or deciding against and Article V?


  1. […] two weeks ago Michigan became the 23rd state to apply for an Article V convention of the states. Here is a short speech from Michigan state Senator Mike Green talking about the balanced budget […]

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