President Obama is NOT Cool

President Obama is NOT Cool

Our Pop-Culture President continues to make an ass of himself pimping insurance and embarrassing our country instead of being a real leader.

“academic media complex think all things which came before should be subverted.”

Video from Fox News

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  2. The damage caused by this administration will take years to repair, it has changed the quality of life for many they will never overcome, our young people should be outraged.

  3. What is expected of this President, his staff or Congress for that matter?
    Where there is no INTEGRITY, there is no HONOR.
    We get what we “pay” for. Our standards have dropped so looooow, because we let the libs control the conversation, and set the standards for everything.
    2014 and 2016. Or, civil war.

    • Obama bought his way into office by offering over 40% of the voters free stuff which we have to pay for. He is an unskilled lawless disgrace! And his arrogance disgusts me. He is the biggest presidential amateur in American history. Yes, we need to rally the troops for 2014 and 2016 and hopefully revive our system through an Article V convention. Thanks for commenting Lawrence.

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