Honor Killing: Muslim ‘slit wife’s throat in front of their daughter,’

Honor Killing: Muslim ‘slit wife’s throat in front of their daughter,’

By Pamela Geller- Via PamelaGeller.com –

As monstrous and unfathomable as this honor violence is, it is happening with increasing frequency in the West. In Canada, a Muslim slit his wife’s throat [1] and stabbed her repeatedly while she choked on her own blood because she allowed their children to lead “Western lives.”

[2]“Husband ‘slit wife’s throat in front of their daughter,’ court told,” Herald Sun News, [3]March 18, 2014

A MAN who slit his wife’s throat in front of their eight-year-old daughter before injuring the girl was “struggling significantly” with the breakdown of their relationship, a court has heard.

Abdul Ouaida — charged with attempted murder for the brutal attack on his wife of more than 30 years — begged her to take him back and threatened to commit suicide in the days leading up to the violent assault last May.

The County Court heard the 56-year-old grandfather said to Soraya Ouaida moments before he sliced her throat with a kitchen knife at their son’s Broadmeadows home: “I hope you’re happy. This is what you wanted, a divorce … to take my name, to take my money, to take my kids from me.”

Ouaida then used keys to injure the youngest of their nine children under her chin and on both hands, with one wound requiring stitches.

Judge Irene Lawson said she accepted the girl’s injuries were relatively minor, “but for a young girl in the context of just having seen her father slash her mother’s throat, it must have been terrifying.”

Mrs Ouaida suffered life-threatening injuries, which required 60 stitches and the removal of her saliva glands.

She told the court the actions of her ex-husband, and first cousin, “haunts me in my dreams”.

Defence counsel Emma Turnbull said the attack occurred on “a day of high emotion” as the sale of the couple’s marital home was being settled.

Ms Turnbull said the cabinet-maker from Fawkner suffered major depression aggravated by the breakdown of the relationship, which he desperately wanted to remedy.

She said the relationship had been in turmoil since a young son of the couple drowned more than five years ago.

Ms Turnbull said her client, who faces a maximum jail term of twenty years, desperately wanted a relationship with his children and grandchildren in the future.

She said he had undertaken a number of courses while in remand — including preparing and serving espresso, quitting smoking and workplace safety — but was still on the waiting list for anger management.

Prosecutor Kieran Gilligan said a message needed to be sent to deter the community from resorting to potentially deadly violence when they were not satisfied with a partner’s decision to end a relationship.

Ouaida pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and recklessly causing injury and will be sentenced today.

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