My twitter Interaction with a Fakertarian Paulbot fan Of Ana Marie Cox

My twitter Interaction with a Fakertarian Paulbot fan Of Ana Marie Cox

Funny little twitter debate. I thought my friends might get a kick out of this.




It turns out Sarah is a big groupie of ultra leftist blogger Ana Marie Cox. To use her words She was “starstruck” by her “journo role model!” Harvard even complimented Cox on her recent piece where she chastises Republican women like Palin and Bachmann. This speaks volumes. She is also a big supporter of Jon Stewart. Oh boy. For my views on the statist Wonkette journalist, Cox, click here


  1. shaun wright says:

    I could read that all day long! DA4Liberty made a good point, minorities have to be open to others rather than having their own special “club” where they feel they are avoided, hated or ridiculed for doing what others do. I don’t know of anyone in my circle of friends, either personal or digital, that feel that way towards anyone that is just trying to live their lives the right way.

  2. It’s people like that with that kind of thought process that creates problems where there wasn’t any to begin with. I was concerned with her banter until I realized that she has less Twitter followers than a typical 10 year old so she really doesn’t have much bearing on anything in the world around her.

  3. Henk de Vries says:

    That discussion keeps going on and on forever! You must have really made her day with that debate that she wasn’t really prepared for! 🙂

  4. shannon knowles says:

    I was thoroughly entertained by the banter, but about half way through I realized something. Why is she at this political function that she does not believe in and why does she call out the people who are there as if they are less than her or having their own agenda? They are different from her and they have different beliefs. They do, in fact, have their own agenda but that is the premise of the convention in the first place. She has no clue what to say when she puts words to her tongue or her fingers to her keyboard and that’s a good thing. Nobody is going to listen to her anyway making all of her points invalid.

  5. Aleksandra says:

    I visited her Twitter page and it is just more of the same. She seems to be pro-something but I am still not sure what it is. If she is anti-change and against doing the right thing, why doesn’t she just let those who are trying to make a difference do it and stay out of their way.

  6. And I bet she was treated terribly being a ‘muslim’ around all those ‘old white mean’…

  7. So true! I wish more people realized this!
    “But those who want equal rights for everyone remain silent when religious rights are trampled on.”

  8. Great thread! You would think people would have better things to do than to dress up and go ‘undercover’ at a conference full of people you disagree with.

  9. James L. says:

    +1 Reagan Style!!

  10. “There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty.” -Margaret Thatcher

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