Arizona Debate And Discussion Over Article V Initiatives

Arizona Debate And Discussion Over Article V Initiatives

Last week, at the Chandler Cultural Center in Chandler Arizona, the Thomas Jefferson Center sponsored a debate on state legislature driven Article V initiatives. The following audios are from people in favor of an Article V Convention of the states. Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff, was opposed to it favoring nullification. Great discussion! It is worth the time to take a listen to these wonderful and knowledgeable speakers.

Josh Carden is with the Arizona Convention of States Team. If you only have 10 minutes, listen to his powerful audio. Nick Dranias is involved with both Compact For America and the Goldwater Institute. Carden and Dranias have been actively involved with pursuing amendments to the Constitution through a Convention of States. Shane Krauser is a Director with the American Academy for Constitutional Education and Russell Pierce is a former Arizona Senate President.

Moderator: Kenny Johnson, Mesa BSA District Commissioner.
Thanks to Joseph Linville for the audio

“Article V, if we don’t use it, the Left will. This is a risk we can not take.” – One of the best discussions I have heard yet on having a convention.

Shane Krauser

Josh Carden

Nick Dranias

Russell Pierce

Discussion Questions And Answers

To learn more about an Article V Convention, read Mark Levin’s New York Times best selling book, The Liberty Amendments.
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The Liberty Amendments

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Click here for a huge selection of articles and videos about an Article V convention of the states. Learn all about it!


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  2. Josh Carden’s presentation was excellent. These are the people who started the movement before Farris, Meckler, Natelson and Levin. This site is a great resource for the C.O.S. project. Thank you.

  3. Darlene G. says:

    I can’t believe this was not covered by the TV media. It’s fabulous.

    • shaun wright says:

      This wasn’t covered by the tv media because they always seem to have their own political agenda and something like this that could threaten it, disturbs them to the point of avoiding it and trying to bury it with news that doesn’t matter but takes our attention away from the facts.

  4. Deb Strickling says:

    Very Good

  5. These are some very interesting and enlightening videos! They all make some very good points but Nick and Shane have always put things so eloquently and these discussions are no different.


  1. […] Arizona Tea Party held a discussion on an Article V Convention of States a few days ago. Nick Dranias was one of the speakers. He was one of the first people in the country promoting the id…and the Goldwater Institute. Dustin Romney who is with the Arizona branch of the Convention Of […]

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