Sen. Ted Cruz talks about Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Sen. Ted Cruz talks about Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Sen. Ted Cruz on The Glenn Beck Program. Great segment! Cruz talks about Obama’s Imperial presidency. “Obama is the president Nixon wished he could be” LOL! It’s funny but it is actually sad. Cruz talks about the IRS scandal, abuse of power for partisan ends, the bankrupting of our country, the shredding of our Bill of Rights, government monitors in newsrooms, the targeting of film makers and the irresponsibility of the media in covering all of this.

Why is there no bipartisan outrage about the administration using the IRS to stifle political opposition? Why is Hollywood quiet when filmmakers are scapegoated? Beck talks about his goals for saving our culture.

Beck asks Cruz how his soul is doing which is a great question since so many of our conservative hopefuls go to Washington D.C. and get swallowed up by the power and evil that resides there.

Cruz compares 2014 to the late 70’s and shows how we can reignite the Reagan revolution like we did back then.
I’m ready for Ted Cruz 2016! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
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  3. Thomas Snyder says:

    Ted Cruz needs to run for president. I’m with you Alexis!
    Jenny Beth Martin from the Tea Party Patriots is such a terrible speaker. I’m watching the Breitbart live stream but I had to turn it off because she was putting me to sleep. Alexis, if you have any pull with the organization will you see if they could install a better spokesperson. Martin should go. She will never be one to rally the troops.


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