Conservative Groups Target GOP Incumbents

Conservative Groups Target GOP Incumbents

It’s laughable how the media continues to paint these rich, lifelong career politician rinos as the pitiful victims as they smear upcoming solid conservative rock stars like Ted Cruz. Kimberley Strassel is wrong. Conservatives have always had to fight the establishment GOP. She should learn her history before trying to preach like an expert. The only difference is our country is in worse shape now and when you are in dire straits, you need to fight even harder. The only thing McConnell and Boehner have are one half of one third of a spine. If only McConell and Boehner would fight Obama and the Leftists as hard as they fight their base, the country might stand a chance, but they refuse. Most of these politicians in Washington live in a bubble and are either unaware or could care less about what the American people want. Thank God for people like Sen. Cruz, Sen. Lee and Jim DeMint from the Heritage Foundation and the Senate Conservatives Fund for being a voice for the people. Go Tea Party! – Alexis Deacon

Video from the Journal Editorial Report

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  2. Rick Dickson says:

    I wonder why we are always amazed when God answers prayers and why we are amazed at what floats to the top when God is not consulted .

  3. Another excellent post, Alexis.
    I was not surprised to see that George Will ripped Cruz but I was mightily surprised at Thomas Sowell’s article. Saddened, really.
    God bless the Tea Party!

  4. Alfred Grech says:

    What are you guys for? What’s your cure for unemployment? For gross inequality?
    Liberal Al

    • Hi Al, thanks for commenting. Inequality? Everybody had opportunity in America. However, equal opportunity will never be the same as equal outcome because each person is a unique individual. As far as unemployment, if the government would take their regulatory boot off the back of the American entrepreneur, the small business people in America can single handedly create growth and jobs. This increases the tax base as well. More liberty & free enterprise is always the answer. Government and bureaucrats only cause more problems.

  5. Have you looked into Eric Gurr? He’s the conservative challenging John Boehner this May.


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