Thousands Of Consumers Lose Insurance Due To Obamacare – Obama Lies

Thousands Of Consumers Lose Insurance Due To Obamacare – Obama Lies

Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois is sending out cancellation notices to their soon to be former policy holders. Why? Because of Obamacare. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.Unless you can’t. -Quote and photo posted by Andrew Marcus – Via The Gateway Pundit

Watch 30 seconds of Obama’s lies


Thousands Of Consumers Get Cancellation Notices Due To Obamacare

HT- The Gateway Pundit


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  2. Ron Scubadiver says:

    My insurance plan shut down. I have to look for new health insurance.

  3. aedanwriter says:

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  4. Char in ND says:

    I received the same letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield ND late last month. They canceled my policy.

    I started a new job last week, so I am covered – for now. The policy has to be completely in compliance with 0bamacare, so at the beginning of 2014, my new employer has notified that all people in single payer status will pay 10% or more of the premium, whereas last year they paid nothing extra for insurance.

    I don’t trust Blue Cross/Blue Shield, they were one of the first companies to get on board with 0bamacare, seemingly to make a profit as all people are now ordered by law to be insured.

    • I’m self employed. My insurance is with Blue Cross Blue Shield and I am already paying an outrageous rate. I haven’t been canceled but I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. These are scary times.

  5. Obama is a blatant liar! When I first heard about Obamcare, I was told that if I like my present insurance, I could keep it. That was from Obama himself. As of January 1, 2014, I don’t have health insurance. I have a health plan in which I put in money every month and get to use it to go to the doctor(I’m still not sure why that is considered insurance or anything else for that matter), but I don’t get to go to the doctor when I am sick any more because I cannot afford to. Why?! Why can’t I take myself or, more importantly, my children to the doctor when they need medical attention? So I can send someone else to the doctor for their little boo-boos. The people that clog up the E.R.’s for their BS needs is ridiculous. I am not speaking without knowledge, four of my family members and several of my customers work in the local hospitals and I hear about the people coming in with their already free healthcare getting treated for nothing more than the fact that they don’t feel “quite right”. Then they treat the staff like pieces of garbage for not giving them the treatment they want. Are they doctors? No! Do they know anything about medicine? NO! They just want a free meal, to stay in a hotel-like environment(which is what it is to them) and to order people around and make themselves feel better when they get their way. Don’t mistake me for racist or ignorant, I am neither Mr. Obama. I am just a person trying to take care of HIS OWN family and not everyone else’s. I am a very giving person to those who appreciate and deserve it. Don’t for a second think that you can freely reach into my pockets and take what you want to give it to somebody else who says they need it more than my own children. That will be the socialist’s biggest downfall. There are a lot of people who feel just like I do and if they don’t, then they are on the wrong side of the fence. I did not create this mess, everyone who voted for a “change” did. Well, they got their change, I hope they like it. Thomas Sowell said it best, “No society ever thrived because it had a large class of parasites living off those who produce.” It’s time to wake up America and take our country back.

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