Krauthammer Praises the New Deal & Liberalism- Throws Cruz Under the Bus

Krauthammer Praises the New Deal & Liberalism- Throws Cruz Under the Bus

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Video from Comedy Central via Mediaite


  1. Char in ND says:

    Sir Charles (Jon Leibowitz/Stewart) Krauthammer sickens me, but not as much as seeing him praised on FOX, with Bret Baier’s interview. What the …..? Softballs, letting CK get away with his b.s. about really loving and admiring Reagan and all he stood for… that was disgraceful and I was taken aback that even Baier, who I thought was a conservative, conducted himself or allowed himself to be in this shameless writing of history, as it was. Telling, for sure.

    Thanks for posting this, Alexis. I think a great many conservatives find Krauthammer and Rove acceptable, admirable, and respectable. Me? No, not at all.

    • I’m with you Char. Krauthammer and Rove have greatly distorted the conservative message to suit their needs. I’m sure they are really nice people but their agenda is to defeat true conservatives. I think the management at Fox News may be responsible for the Baier interview. I see people like Hannity and Bair having guests like Rove and gang quite often and it seems out of character but I think the management and the higher ups at the network want it to be that way and the talent has no other choice but to agree. This is why more and more I prefer the Internet and radio as a news source.

  2. Char in ND says:

    ^ My apologies, I meant to type shameless rewriting of history.

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