Mark Levin On The Glenn Beck Program

Mark Levin On The Glenn Beck Program

Mark Levin On The Glenn Beck Program talking about Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments-Restoring The American Republic.

Great conversation, listen to the audio below from The Blaze. Please comment with your thoughts.



  1. I like Beck. I might have to investigate this book.

    • Foxy Wizard says:

      I bought the book, and am almost through it. Very well done. I believe Mark Levin has showed us a pathway to take back our country. And it is doable, through our State Legislators, who are largely irrelevant but weren’t always so. It almost seems like a fading dream that once upon a time, the States were sovereign, and formed the United States of America. And now cowtow to the Federal Government. Mark points to a way to bypass Washington given to us by our framers. Brilliant book, with plenty of opportunity to act.

  2. I missed this today. Thank you for uploading!

  3. Mary Ellen Malion says:

    Mark and Glenn are two of my favorites. I’m thrilled they buried the hatchet.

  4. One state CAN start it! All we need is one state legislature to pass a resolution calling for a convention and it’s begun!

  5. Honey Bears says:

    We need to get the grass roots motivated and get this message out.The People in every State need to start. We can Take Our Country Back!

  6. John Bowers says:

    Yea! Its about time these two joined forces. Thanks for posting Queen Of Liberty. This is my favorite conservative site.

  7. Donnie Milbourne says:

    excellent interview

  8. Glenn Beck is a nice polite family man. Why would he bring an arrogant jerk like Mark Levin on his show?

  9. I enjoyed the audio. Thank you Alexis and everyone at for all you do.

  10. Lisa Carlie says:

    Great job on the radio with Glen Beck. Mark Levin as usual you never disappoint.

  11. Talk Radio Fan says:

    I listened today and couldn’t agree more!! SOMETHING needs to be done!

  12. This interview was icy cold especially the end when Glenn admitted he hadn’t read the book.

  13. Rick Dickson says:

    Mark Levin can be abrasive , but who needs more please , sir and mam when you are talking about two faced , treacherous, liberal ….( Webster fails me here ) blank . He made a comment that ” secession is stupid “. I am a secessionist but he did not hurt my feelings . I have to concur . For the original brave Eleven to try again would be capital D dumb or as Mr. Levin says “stupid” . For fifty states to secede from Washington D.C., however , would be brilliant !

  14. Queen of L., you were the very first site to release this. I know because I kept checking from work. You had it out before The Blaze,, scoop, mark levin, so on, i kept googling and you got it up first. Good work.

    • Thank you Sully. It has gotten a gazillion views. Everybody loves Beck & Levin. I could write a comedy show about what I went through rushing to getting it out.

      • Please don’t do that! This is my favorite blog on the interweb s! The interview and my thoughts: a little timid by both, but they both agree on so many things. I loved Glenn saying he is not a constitutional scholar or lawyer, but he is doing his piece. As Levin is doing his piece. Glenn warmed up to Levin’s idea of using Article 5 from the bottom up very well!!
        Glenn says we have lost the country. Levin says it is a tyranny now, and he says post-constitutional Republic led by liberal ideologues with a totalitarian mindset. I agree with both! Both are seeking answers to get this country back to its constitutional ways. Thank them!
        Mark has an answer, with examples, not a plan. That’s for others, the state legislatures. And we are the closest to them! We are the ones that can make this process get started. My conservative State House leader will get this book from me! And I hope he reads it!
        Excellent job Alexis! Wish I could help you! Wish I had the Blaze! Dish Network may get a call from me! Comcast is too damn high anyway!
        I love y’all’s work here! Please keep it up!

      • Aw, thank you sweetie!

      • Alexis, I love you, my sister. You are strong and true. Your website is making a difference, you have enjoined a great many patriots and thus discussions on here. I think you are in good company regarding harassment, if you were no defender of liberty they would leave you alone.

        I thought of you today, when I listened to Mark Steyn filling in for Rush. Secretly, I love listening to Steyn even more than Rush. 🙂 Anyway. Mark Steyn was speaking of the American Revolution, and of the few (percentage wise) who actually got the ball rolling because of their actions, speaking out, and taking up arms. He reminded me of something I need to remember when things seem so gloomy. It has never been a majority in this nation from before the founding and since then that have made a difference in the liberties we all enjoy. It is a few. We are not a majority that shall fight to uphold all they fought for and that we are so blessed to have inherited. We shall always be a minority, but our strength, while not in number, is in our faith, our determination, our dedication. God bless.

        p.s. If you would send me an e-mail, I’d be more than happy to contribute monetarily to support your wonderful (my favorite) conservative website!

      • You are a sweetheart! I could not take your money. Your love and support are enough. And it means the world to me! I appreciate it! {{Hugs}} God bless you.

  15. Foxy Wizard says:

    Thank you for posting the interview. Naysayers, unless you have a better idea, shut up. Nothing is working, and electing more Republicans won’t fix Washington. Alexis, if you hang it up, I will understand, but I love your blog, your views and you, my dear. Follow your heart.

  16. Michelle GGG says:

    Alexis, I can’t believe Larry Kaplan is taking you to the MRC gala!!!!! He is gorgeous! He looks like Johnny Depp. Myself and every female I know are jealous. Send me a photograph of what you will be wearing.

    This Beck segment with Levin was pretty good. I’m happy Beck gave him such a long amount of time to speak. I think and hope new people will learn about The Liberty Amendments from The Blaze.

  17. I’m a Glenn Beck fan. If he recommends this book, then I will read it. Thank you for posting this interview. I couldn’t find it.

  18. Conservatives United says:

    Ms. Deacon:
    We really need more voices and passion like yours! Hell I think it’s time you ran for office! #TeamAlexis

  19. kylegetson says:

    Thanks for posting this! I definitely need to get this book!

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