How to Keep A Library Of (Physical) Books

I strongly agree with this post. I am the biggest book worm. I love real books. I love the weight of them. I love the feel in my hands. I love turning the pages. I simply can not be a kindle person. Every room of my house is overflowing with my extensive collection of books. I’m not a library person either because every book I own is filled with marks. I like to highlight them, underline and write little notes all over the margins. Sometimes I write longer notes on paper and stick it in between the pages, then later, sometimes years later, I go back and reread many of my notes.

My favorite book is the Bible my grandfather gave me when I was around five years old. It is incredibly beat up. I still have handwritten notes and prayers inside of it from when I was five to ten years old. Whenever I have to evacuate for hurricanes or if there is a false fire alarm and so forth, it is constantly something I grab.

There is a hotel in Manhattan called the Hudson. I have stayed there plenty of times and one of the lounges is called The Library. It has a big painting of a humorous cow and a purple felt antique billiard table. There are English leather wing chairs and sofas in front of a comfy fireplace. There are hardwood floors, oriental area rugs and there are tall shelves to the vaulted ceiling filled with books. It’s a great space to have a glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa and relax and read. It’s one of my dreams to build a huge library like the one in this hotel in one of my homes one day. Until then I will have to keep tripping over my beloved books which are everywhere.


Thought Catalog

The hardest part of my most recent move: figuring how to transport nearly 1,500 books. All the rest of our stuff–in the age of IKEA–turned out to be easier to sell on Craigslist or throw away than to move. But the books? Something had to be done.

They are my life and my livelihood.

Ultimately, I ended up hiring 1-800-Pack-Rat to send a portable storage unit to my house– a pod 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet– which I filled up and then shipped off to the new house. Nearly 30 full boxes of books were loaded in (plenty of space left if I’d had more). I used movers on TaskRabbit and didn’t have to pick up a single one. The books arrived right outside my door about ten days later. It was amazing. I wish I’d thought of it before.

See, I’ve been keeping a library for…

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