The Tea Party Protests The IRS Today

The Tea Party Protests The IRS Today

Michelle Malkin Talks To Megyn Kelly

About the IRS Scandal and the Tea Party protest today.

Rush Limbaugh Talks About The Tea Party IRS Protest Today – Click Here

Tea Party Groups will be holding a nation wide protest

Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips says the group is pushing lawmakers to introduce legislation that would prevent future abuses at the IRS.

“Let’s change the standard for IRS investigations and audits. Let’s make the 4th amendment to apply to the IRS…because if the IRS is not an unreasonable search I don’t know what is. I’m working to change those laws,” he says. From USA

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  1. I will be standing in protest along with them. This is an important fight that we all need to take on.

  2. Say what you will about Michael Steele, but he was VERY supportive of the Tea Party from day one. I cant say the same of the current RNC since they fired him. And that is one reason candidates, not RNC, gets money from me.

    • Steele was from Maryland too!!! I don’t trust the RNC either. The Republican establishment is our biggest enemy as conservatives. We need to take the party back from them before we can start to turn back the progressive agenda.

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