Stop Blaming Bush For Benghazi

Stop Blaming Bush For Benghazi

Stop Blaming Bush For Benghazi

I’m sick of all the progressives on social media trying to say that Obama’s behavior throughout this Benghazi fiasco is standard and that Bush and so many other presidents had embassy attacks on their watch. I’m not a huge fan of Bush although I believe he is a good and decent man. The Tea Party movement started due to Bush over spending and growing the government out of control but these Benghazi comparisons are ludicrous.

Dear Libs,
the embassy attacks under Bush didn’t require investigations because:

1) they were mostly in war zones.
2) no one tried to argue that they were anything but planned and executed attacks, under Bush
3) There were no lies, cover ups or videos blamed under Bush
4) none of our Ambassadors were killed under Bush, no Navy Seals killed under Bush
5) No multiple stand-down orders were given against mounting a rescue under Bush

Got it?
That’s all



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