Mark Levin Says Kill The IRS

Mark Levin Says Kill The IRS

Mark Levin Says Kill The IRS! And we agree.
Big thanks to Mark Levin and The Landmark Legal Foundation for exposing this scandal.

Click Here For Original Story And Landmark Legal Complaint
Click Here To See Mark Levin On Fox News: Hannity And Cavuto – IRS Scandal-Treasury IG Report is also here


Mark Levin Says Kill The IRS! And we agree.


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  1. Alexis Deacon, aren’t you as rich as Donald Trump? You should donate to The Landmark Legal Foundation since you like their work.

    • LOL, I haven’t caught up to The Donald yet. Give me a few more years. 😉

      • Thanks for the videos. I have been too busy at work to watch the news or listen to talk radio. I got caught up here in less than an hour. I’ve been fascinated with the Internal revenue service issue and the government harassing the AP news. I hope this leads to Obama getting exposed.

  2. Alexis deacon you look so good

  3. We The People Have Lost CONTROL of Our Government . completely !!
    Just think We Are Paying them to do WHAT ????

  4. Call Mark Levin and tell him Flat tax > fair tax.
    Both > corrupt progressive taxing system

  5. Mark Levin says Democrats like Carl Levin, no relation to the radio host, are up to their eyeballs in the IRS scandal. We can believe Democrats were involved. The question is will they face the consequences.

  6. Huge props to Mark Levin and The Landmark Legal Foundation!! We need, need, more Mark Levin’s! Thank me!

    • LOL, thank me. You had asked about the book from Mark Levin and his father. It looks like the autographed ones sold out recently but you can still pre -order a copy from Amazon. It should be a nice gift. God bless. 🙂

      • I ordered the book George Washington the crossing autographed by Mark Levin and Jack Levin before it sold out. I can’t wait to receive it.

  7. Dan The Man says:

    I’d like to call the Mark Levin show and ask if we could do a fair or flat tax and turn it over to the states then make the federal government ask the states for money. I think it would stop a lot of abuse.

  8. Thank you mark levin, and everyone at landmark legal, for being the firewall to what’s happening to our country.

  9. Do you know when Mark Levin will be back from vacation?

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