Mark Levin On Fox News – IRS Targeting Conservatives

Mark Levin On Fox News – IRS Targeting Conservatives

Mark Levin On Neil Cavuto’s TV show today talking about the IRS scandal

Mark Levin On The Sean Hannity Show

Mark Levin posted the Treasury IG report on IRS scandal on his facebook page – Click here



  1. Mark Levin is really on a roll with this one.

  2. Gary Weinstein says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. I missed the shows and couldn’t find replays anyplace.

  3. Brett Gunner says:

    Alexis Deacon is beautiful and brilliant. She looks twenty years younger of her actual age. Mark Levin is a great teacher. I listen to him on radio and watch him on television. He did a good job on Hannity last night. Grateful for these links.

    • Oh Wow Brett! Thank you. What a fabulous compliment! Flattery will get you everywhere. 😉 I agree with you about Mark Levin being a good teacher. Take care and God bless you.

  4. Mark Levin, Good appearances, Great One


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