Conservatives are Public Enemy Number One

Conservatives are Public Enemy Number One

I’m sick of the government, the media and Hollywood treating and portraying conservatives as public enemy number one!

Ted Cruz is one of the best and most credentialed conservative politicians we have had in a long time. He went to Washington D.C. like the character Mr. Smith with real conviction and the intent of saving our Republic. In less than 100 days he has fearlessly shaken up the establishment. This makes him an immediate target for the Left. Their idol, Saul Alinsky, reminds them to isolate the target and they are more than happy to oblige. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The community organizer, Alinsky, teaches to go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. In March, Democrat Barbara Boxer started comparing the tactics of Ted Cruz to McCarthyism. The little weasel, Dana Milbank, who writes for The Washington Post made the exact same comparison last week. Turning Ted Cruz into McCarthy must be on the statists new talking points. They want to give him the same treatment that was given to Bob Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin and so many other successful Republicans. The little pigface Milbank went on to write an eleven paragraph article attempting to “Bork” Cruz with absolutely nothing but lies and name calling to back up his theory. He actually implied that Cruz must be like McCarthy because he is 42 which is the same age Joe McCarthy was when he amassed power in the Senate. Really Dana? Is that the best that you have? Milbank continued like a little snot nose kid to name call Cruz as a “Bogeyman” and a “monster” who was “outrageous” and “inflammatory.” It sounds like itty bitty Dana Milbank is scared. Maybe somebody better call his Mommy. Yes, folks, this is what has come to be known as journalism in the year 2013. Absolutely everything has become community organizing.

When the bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon, the liberal media on TV, the Internet and public radio immediately began speculating that it was a white, right wing nut job since it was tax day. This uses about as much logic as Ted Cruz being 42 makes him exactly like McCarthy; but another Saul Alinsky tactic is “Never let a crisis go to waste” and “create one if necessary.” While the case was being investigated, this gave them days to discuss what a growing peril these dangerous pro- gun, lower tax, and smaller government types have become.

In the below one minute video from Reveal Politics you will hear NPR on April 17th blame the Boston bombing on right wingers.Unbelievable!

After the Tucson shooting of 2011, the New York Times stated “it is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible” and at the time it had already been established that the shooting was not motivated by politics. Jared Loughner who shot Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others was registered independent and not politically active. They also blamed Sarah Palin for having political targets on her web site right after that event. Give me a break. The actual truth of the matter is that every mass shooting that has occurred during Obama’s presidency have all been committed by registered Democrats. The Ft Hood, Colorado Theater and the Sandy Hook Connecticut School Shooters were all registered Democrats. The Virginia Tech killer in 2007 was also a registered Democrat. The Discovery Channel gunman in 2010 also a leftist. So, liberals, if the shoe fits, lace that sucker up and wear it. Conservatives have had it with being falsely accused in the never ending blame game.

When it turned out that the Boston Marathon bombing had been committed by Islamic extremists, boy, did they sure change their tune. CNN lead the charge: Never blame a group for the act of some extremist individuals. Translation, unless it is a Christian, an American patriot or a TeaPartier, never blame a group for extremists.

Jay Mohr, actor, stand up comedian, and radio host, vaguely known for his roles in the TV series Ghost Whisperer and Gary Unmaried and the movie Jerry Maguire decided it would be a great time to attack the second amendment and those that support it. Mohr currently hosts a sports radio talk show on Fox Sports Radio. Mohr believes that the second amendment must go because the second amendment, not Hollywood, lends itself to a culture of violence and anyone who disagrees with that must have a gun porn fetish. Lovely words, I know.

He later deleted the tweets but I figured he would and made sure I took a screen shot.
jay mohr

No doubt Mohr’s Hollywood pal, Jim Carrey, was thrilled with his loving tirade during a time when America and it’s people were in turmoil. Carrey is the biggest hypocrite of them all. He has spent decades making millions by glorifying gun violence in movies as you can see in the photos below. Yet, after the Sandy Hook shooting he starts attacking law abiding Americans as the source of the problem. What really gave it away as nothing more than an attack on conservatives was the video he created poking fun at deceased actor and former NRA president Charlton Heston. In the video he depicts rural Americans as nothing more than uneducated hillbillies and stupid hayseeds reducing the heartland to characters on Hee-Haw. I know he is intelligent enough to do his homework. Most of America’s gun violence comes from inner city gangs many of whom are Black and Hispanic and nobody in Hollywood would dare mock them. This to him was never about saving the children. His anti vaccine program has killed more children than gun violence ever will and the lefts blood lust for abortions is a child killing machine. No, this was always about attacking red state “fly- over country” conservatives.


jim 600px-FWDAJ_P226_4


Obama and his henchmen will tell us not to blame all Muslims for the acts of a few crazy terrorists but they will continue to blame United States gun owning citizens for the acts of a few crazy shooters. Despite Hollywoods’ opinion on the second Amendment, we did win a small battle last week for our side when the Manchin-Toomey gun bill on background checks was voted down. However, the left will never quit and we must remain diligent. If the week of terror taught us anything, it would be the importance of responsibly owning guns and being self reliant in defending ourselves and our family. We can’t do much to protect against bombs but if your town was on lock down like Watertown was, and one or more madmen or terrorists were on the loose, wouldn’t you want to be armed and at least have the potential to protect your family?

The noted accusations come on the heels of a slide show training presentation shown to US Army Reserve recruits which classified Jews and Christians, including both evangelicals and Roman Catholics, as religious extremists, placing them in the same category as skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan, Hamas and Al Qaeda.

America is still a center right nation of faith and the few on the Left who dominate our media culture are at war with we the people. Abraham Lincoln warned that if America was destroyed it would be done from within and the left have turned the narrative against the average citizen. However, I’m an optimist and I have seen some light in the past few days.

In Mark Levin’s book Liberty And Tyranny he says that saving America “will require a new generation of conservative activists, larger in number, shrewder, and more articulate than before, who seek to blunt the Statist’s counterrevolution-not imitate it- and gradually and steadily reverse course. More conservatives than before will need to seek elective and appointed office, fill the ranks of the administrative state, hold teaching positions in public schools and universities, and find positions in Hollywood and the media where they can make a difference in infinite ways. The statist does not have a birthright ownership to these institutions. The Conservative must fight for them, mold them, and where appropriate, eliminate them where they are destructive to the preservation and improvement of the civil society.”

Andrew Breitbart once said “I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard.” While true journalism has been dead for quite some time, we witnessed the media become complete and utter fools this last week, losing any ounce of credibility they had left. Breitbart had urged the regular people to become the media and this week they did. People from Boston were uploading videos, photos and information instantaneously. Social media was buzzing with people from all over the world listening to numerous state and local authority scanners. The cable news was pathetically a good 10-20 minutes behind facebook, twitter and other social sites as events transpired. All week long the state run media was either wrong or late or a combination of both on every report. I think the future will reflect this year as the days when TV news became antiquated.

The left will continue to make conservatives the scape goat, the whipping boy and the punching bag every chance they get. We, however, out number them in physical numbers, wit, arms and charm. If they want a war, they should bring it. The battle may be long and we must be ever vigilant and diligent but make no mistake conservatives will win. The principles of liberty that this nation was founded on is a philosophy that cannot be beaten.

Alexis Deacon


  1. It blows me away how they always, without fail, immediately start blaming the right-wingers for every atrocity. I don’t understand how they can actually keep doing that, when it never is the right-winger. Virtually every recent terrorist attack has been by perpetrators of liberal ideology.

  2. Reblogged this on Pursuit of Life and commented:
    Never miss a chance to spin away, right left wing media?

  3. Jenny B. Martin says:

    Alexis, you are a very talented writer. I wish you wrote for one of the bigger news organizations instead of the liberals and the rinos who dominate the mainstream media. You should have a career doing this.

  4. What’s the saying? “Haters are gonna hate!” It’s too bad that the haters just happen to members of the national media.Who is that guy in the picture anyway?

  5. Speaking of the Boston Marathon bombing, and a bit off-topic, what was that bill that congress passed while everyone was glued to their televisions watching the aftermath of the explosions? I believe it was a bill that loosens their own leashes on insider trading and how much CONgress can profit from it.

  6. Good Mark Levin quote used here. I read Liberty And Tyranny but it was years ago and I had forgotten this part. Excellent article explaining how the marxists and all those with lefist ideology blame the bitter clinger, right wing extremist -nut jobs for everything. Under all the name calling are patriotic Americans who care about the Constitution.

  7. Under the Oblama Administration, they have successfully hired spouses, brothers and sisters, of the State-Controlled Media. Look at the influence they had in the changing of the talking points from the emails released on Benghazi.

    We have many more numbers than them. Continue to expose these Statists for what and WHO they are! We will win as a result of including this exposure. I am just about sick of Republican leadership wanting to talk about jobs when these scandals have opened the door for them to hammer the Administration. Mittens made that mistake and we see where that got him.

    Another great piece, sorry to get off on a tangent!

  8. J. Weinstein says:

    The media seems to be very well versed in playing the “blame game” when, in actuality, it is those very same purveyors of misinformation that create more terror in our society today than any bombing or shooting could ever hope to.

  9. It almost seems that every news reporter is pining for that exclusive story and they want it so bad that they end up making up the facts to fit what they think the viewer wants to hear. I just want to hear the true story and I, being an intelligent individual, can make my own assumptions.

  10. It goes to show that any time you listen to the news or watch it on tv, you should take what they give you with a grain of salt.

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