Terror Suspect Tsarnaev Described As A Pothead

Terror Suspect Tsarnaev Described As A Pothead

VIA Boston CBS

DARTMOUTH (CBS) – The UMass Dartmouth campus was evacuated on Friday out of an abundance of caution after the school learned that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, was a sophomore there and lived on campus.

University officials confirmed that Tsarnaev lived in a dorm on campus.

Fellow students described Tsarnaev as both a “pothead” and a soccer fanatic. Two of his classmates told WBZ-TV that he was on the soccer team, but missed practice on Monday and they hadn’t heard from him since.

Two other students, however, said they had seen him on campus after the bombings – once on Tuesday, and once on Wednesday.

One student actually asked him for a ride home because he lived in the same Cambridge area as the student.

That student said Tsarnaev agreed to give him a ride.

Students said Tsarnaev had a reputation as being a terrible driver and some were afraid to ride around campus with him.

He was also described as quiet and studious. Classmates say he never talked politics.


Tweets from Tsarnaev after the bombing and murdering of people below:

Some of the things he tweeted were lyrics from Obama’s friend, hip hop artist, Jay-Z. He also tweeted lyrics from Eminem.

Below are photos of people killed from terror this week. You know the ones Tsarnaev referred to as “cooked”

boston BIQvdGmCEAAPEhq-550x825

May these innocent people rest in peace.

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