Mark Levin Gives Us The Truth About Karl Rove

“It’s no minor matter when people try to sabotage the conservative movement and try to present themselves as something they are not.” Mark Levin (Scroll to the end and press play to listen) Mark Levin versus Karl Rove

Karl Rove and the GOP establishment said that big rich donors to the Republican Party were working with Rove’s super PAC called American Crossroads to protect Senate incumbents from challenges by real conservatives. Rinos worried that the Tea Party types could endanger the establishments chances of winning and controlling the Senate. Needless to say this caused an uproar in the Tea Party movement and Rove has been scrambling since then to defend himself on Fox News and various radio programs.

Reagan biographer says Rove misrepresented his credentials on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. Daily Caller did a piece about this.

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Karl Rove falsely accused Steve King of, just yesterday, refusing to disavow Todd Akin’s remarks on “legitimate rape”. Rove said that’s one of the reasons he thinks King isn’t the right candidate for Senate in Iowa. King’s actual comment can be found at The Hill Newspaper.

In the following audio clip from The Mark Levin Show, radio host Mark Levin takes us piece by piece through Rove’s statements made this week and shows us what is fact and what is fiction. Take a listen if you are interested in the truth.


  1. Autumn Carter says:

    Mark Levin, You are my hero! I’m glad that someone out there is about finding the truth and not just filling their pockets.

  2. Steve Green says:

    I am so sick of them trying to turn things to benefit themselves. It is hard to decipher between fact and fiction nowadays especially on the internet. When I hear something I always have to research it for the truth and that’s kind of how I came across this page. This is just me trying to find the truth.

  3. Todd Raymond says:

    And it is the duty of the people’s leaders to uncover such persona non grata and never tire of reminding the semi-literate that a liar is a liar.

  4. Sara Morgan says:

    Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly. Of course a great pair! Look, spinning is a great way to put Karl’s strategy. “Conservative Victory Project”? “I didn’t meet Regan!” I was a campaign director in Texas in 1980…no you weren’t. I was the executive director of Texas victory committee. No you weren’t! He’s laughable. He’s not a conservative he’s an operative. Or a “game maker” perhaps?

    • ha! game maker is right. Stuff like that makes me want to be one of those ‘doomsday’ people hiding in the woods somewhere, waiting for the end of the world.

  5. SouthernGent99 says:

    thanks for the post! I’m going to have to check out Mark Levin’s show.

  6. You could laugh if it wasn’t so sad and potentially damaging. So thankful there are people like Mark Levin to separate the truth from all the fiction spread around in the political arena. People have to become more savvy to what’s going on instead of believing rhetoric and false claims.

  7. No more politicians. We need people. Men and women with actual moral integrity! Thank God the truth comes out about their lies and cheats more often these days when information can so easily be spread across this great nation. Hopefully enough truth comes out to counteract the spread of hearsay and lies though.

  8. Kale Harmon says:

    This is the voice of the new (which is really the old) Republican movement. Let’s get back to basics of government AND morals. It’s despicable to lie about things like this in politics. Thanks to Mark Levin, we get to see the truth.

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