Mark Levin & The Constitutional Resurgence

Mark Levin & The Constitutional Resurgence

We lost the election in November because the GOP failed to see the tyranny going on in this country and they gave up on the Judeo-Christian values that this nation was founded on. Conservatism is the answer to the question the Republican establishment keeps asking about what is needed to align the party with the will of the people. Yet it’s the one answer they are unwilling to accept. They overlook the obvious when seeking why the party lost in 2012. Establishment Republicans, also known as r.i.n.o.s,  want to re-brand the Republican Party by surrendering our principles. These moderate Republicans want us to abandon our religious freedoms through Obamacare which forces businesses and organizations to pay for abortions and birth control and similarly abandon our second amendment rights with insane new gun laws. These same Republicans want to make the party become pro-choice, pro-amnesty, pro-gay marriage and pro tax the so- called- rich: in other words they want us to become Democrats. How do Republicans win again? What message will reach the modern American people? What the moderates continuously fail to see is the solution needs a philosophical base.


Preeminent constitutional scholar, best selling author and talk show host, Mark Levin says “Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny.” Mark Levin’s books about judicial activism, liberty and conservatism are eloquent, artistic, literary masterpieces that started an intellectual movement all across our nation. His writings played a significant role in winning the House of Representatives back in 2010. There is a reason why he is called The Great One. Levin is a contemporary Shakespeare whose books should be left out on your desk like your Bible, dictionary, thesaurus or Constitution. They should be a reference that should be looked at time and time again if not daily.


Mark Levin’s radio show is equally brilliant as he fearlessly faces the enemies of liberty head on. The airwaves broadcast poetic creative genius combined with solid logic and reason about what Levin calls the post constitutional America. Mark Levin uses his show to dissect history and philosophy. He takes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Madison’s notes from the Constitutional Convention and ties it in to current events in a way that has never been done before. Then he packages all of this in a fun way with his own unique wit and charm. When Levin reads to us about Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, and the others, he does it in a way that paints a vivid picture so that in the audience’s imagination one is transported to Independence Hall in the late 1700’s. You can almost smell and feel the air in the room and hear the voices back at the Constitutional Convention when he speaks about these matters and brings them to life.


Mark has a unique relationship with what he calls his “beloved audience.” It reminds me of the relationship President Reagan had with the American people. His audience absolutely treasures him. I have seen many other moderate Republican authors try to unsuccessfully duplicate this relationship with their readers and become angry and jealous when they don’t achieve it. [Cough, David Frum, Cough] What they don’t understand is that they don’t have Mark Levin’s heart. One only needs to read Rescuing Sprite or listen to one episode of his radio show to see how much love and loyalty Mr. Levin shows to his family, his friends, his fans, his pets and his country. I greatly admire and respect this man. I truly believe that history looking back on these years will reflect that Mark Levin played a crucial role in saving this great nation through educating and rallying the citizens the way Thomas Paine inspired Americans during the beginning of the revolution. Personally, I was crushed and in tears on election night when Obama won. I couldn’t have made it through the last few months without the comfort of this show and I know I’m not alone. For so many he is a daily source for wisdom, guidance and counsel, a source for hope and inspiration in these dark days that haunt us.


And It doesn’t stop there. Mark Levin is also president of Landmark Legal Foundation, a tax exempt organization that fights to preserve constitutional principles. Landmark is a watchdog going after the NEA the EPA and other big government organizations. On January 25, 2013 A federal appeals court ruled that President Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate to fill vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board. Landmark argued in its brief that the President’s use of the Constitution’s “recess appointments” clause violated the restrictions placed by the Constitution on that power. The Court adopted Landmark Legal Foundation’s argument in full.


What I believe I am watching and witnessing first hand is what I call the reawakening of Enlightenment. This is a cultural conservative movement and the moderates will need to join us or step aside! Levin has found a way to make the philosophers from the age of reason and enlightenment cool to a whole new generation. Mr. Levin never gets bogged down in the daily nonsense. If you are looking to avoid gossip on Lance Armstrong’s lies or Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend, his show will be one of the only places to find relief from this garbage. In the days of Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and what Rush Limbaugh calls the low information voter, Levin has found a way to make the Second Treatise cool to teenagers and upcoming twenty -something hipsters. While Katy Perry sings about her breakups and Beyonce is lip syncing, an underground movement is brewing of unexpected intellectuals learning to fall in love with Bastiat, Alexis de Tocqueville and Montesquieu. A patriotic passion for our framers and the Constitution is lighting up all over this great land of ours. Levin awakens the sleeping masses one by one as people begin to see these philosophers in a whole new light and finally see their impact and influence on our founding fathers. Slowly, I see people undergoing this new affinity with our Constitution and its drafters. Now that we feel this cloud of tyranny, the realization occurs that this freedom we have taken for granted is now slipping away, but this army of citizens can now relate to the framers more than ever before. This is the rebirth of the love of liberty and Levin is leading the charge. He is our conservative pugnacious pit bull, our General Patton, our warrior William Wallace guiding and directing our fight to save the USA. 

Mark Levin served in the Justice Department under the wonderful Ed Meese during the Reagan administration. The Reagan spirit is still alive in Levin and in all of us as well. Ronald Reagan once said “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” Mark Levin reminds us every night that we the people can preserve the civil society and reestablish the Constitution. We will not be the generation to lose liberty. Freedom will not die on our watch! We will fight to pass this torch to our children. This fight will be long and arduous but we shall overcome. Together all of us in his infantry, Levin’s beloved audience, will put Obama, the masterminds and the statists on the ash heap of history.



  1. Jeff Dixon says:

    I am a lifelong conservative. I use to go see Alexis Deacon speak back when Clinton was president and admired her. Mark Levin does not deserve her praise. Mrs. Deacon stands with the people and Mark Levin is only in this game for glory, power, money and fame. He does not care about this country. He only cares about his wallet. See him hawking his book. If the book is needed to save the country, he should have offered it as a free download. It would cost him nothing except his time. His radio show is a phoney act. It is a mere scripted shtick where he yells and says he cares. He takes call after call of people doing nothing but praising and ass kissing. If someone disagrees, he screams and hangs up. He tells a news story after it’s been on social media for many hours and then takes credit for breaking the news as if he made it go viral because he is all powerful, like the night they caught the Boston bomber. If any other conservative host mentions the Constitution, he acts like they stole the idea from him. Only he can speak of certain things. He is paranoid people are copying him. He has an obsession with Michael Savage and nobody cares or wants to hear about Savage but Levin goes on and on about it. Mark Levin is a bitter old nasty man who does not care about the United States. He wants to be friends with Donald Trump, Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison, UFC athletes, actors, actresses, Sarah Palin, radio and Fox News celebrities, Senators. He wants fame, fortune and famous friends. He would never lower himself to be nice to someone like Mrs. Deacon or the average American. To him Americans are mere mortal subjects who should stand in line for hours at book signings to even earn a few seconds of his time and his signature. To Levin Americans are dumb annoyances he uses to line his fat wallet. Alexis Deacon stands for the common man and should not praise Mark Levin.

    • I do care about the common man. I care about everybody really. However, you are very wrong about Mark Levin. He has always been really nice to me and is a down to Earth person.

      • Jeff Dixon says:

        He may be nice when you write something promotional for him but he would never be a true friend to someone like us, trust me.

  2. Devin Hammonds says:

    Great article! I’m 17 years old and a big Mark Levin fan! I never miss an episode of the show and I have read all his books.

  3. Virginia Pride! says:

    Mark Levin brought an old pygmy woman to two of the Ken Cuccinelli rallies. He had her tucked under his armpit down near his waist. Everybody was laughing about it. The pygmy tried to touch and hit on Cuccinelli while Levin gave his speech.

  4. Virginia Pride! says:

    Wait are you the pygmy?

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  6. Jerry Kazynski says:

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