Hannity Destroys Kimmel forces him to apologize! #MeToo

Hannity Destroys Kimmel forces him to apologize! #MeToo

Sean Hannity didn’t back down defending our first lady. Hannity completely exposed Jimmy Kimmel for the pervert he has been forever. After a long back and forth between Hannity and Kimmel, Kimmel backed down and apologized. It was a lame apology but Sean is a bigger person and a Christian, therefore, he forgave him. Watch the video to see Sean showing Kimmel acting like a jerk. As long as Jimmy Kimmel has a show on ABC, it tells us Hollywood is not serious nor sincere about the #MeToo movement. Me Too is only a hashtag and a pathetic unoriginal black dress.

Video from Fox News. Press the arrow to play.


When Hannity exposed Kimmel, our poor beloved, Mark Levin, got caught in the crossfire with jokes about jugless “port a juggys.” I hope he has a sense of humor and laughed about it. It is pretty funny. Bridgette the midget clip from the Man Show below. Press the arrow to play.





  1. Char in ND says:

    Kimmel deserves to be smacked down. Why do all these soy boy leftists look so smug until they are called out? They all have that same querulousness about them, whether it’s Kimmel, Colbert, or whoever.

    Kimmel’s ongoing virtue-signaling just sheds light on his own intolerance. I despise elitist leftists. 🙂

    • I hear you Char! I like “soy boy leftist.” LOL. I might have to start using that. You always have the best phrases. It’s so true what you said about Colbert and all those statist comedians.

      Be good!

  2. The second video is funny. Mark Levin has a sexual midget fetish.

  3. Kimmel and that other idiot Colbert both SUCK ! their not even funny just like SNL and that pos Baldwin who knows he’s the real sh** !! literally !! along with the rest of the libturd left that allow anyone to crap in their city all over the place and recycle waste water in the central valley they definitely like sh** and regard themselves Kings and Queen sh*** of LIBTURD island !!!

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