Eagle Forum Chapter President now supports a convention of states

Eagle Forum Chapter President now supports a convention of states

Eagle Forum Chapter President now supports a convention of states.
Watch the video to see why she changed her mind.
Press the arrow to play the video. Video from COS.

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Click here for a huge selection of articles and videos about an Article V convention of the states. Learn all about it!


  1. Does anyone realize the dangers of a Constitutional Convention?
    It can make its own rules.

    It can be a runaway once opended up! Hate to lose our Second Amendment!



    • Hi Nikki,
      Welcome to our site. It’s not a “constitutional convention.” It’s a convention to propose amendments. Most of your fears were debunked years ago. If you read all of the articles in the link posted you will see why. I hate to break it to you but what we have right now is a runaway constitution. Every time a law maker outlaws a certain gun or makes an age restriction taking away the rights of an 18-20 year old person, the second amendment is eroding. We need a convention of states to stop the judicial activism and lawlessness of the federal government. Most of the state legislatures are conservatives. We have already lost the original constitution of the framers days and the only hope we have of restoring it is a convention of states. The recent trillion dollar omnibus bill that was passed with GOP controlling all branches of government should teach us one thing, no election can fix this. Federalism is the only antidote and it is why the framers included article v.

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