Mark Levin makes the immigration argument every elected Republican should repeat

Mark Levin makes the immigration argument every elected Republican should repeat

I thought the exact same thing! We can’t let the Democrats trick us again like they have time and time again where immigration is concerned. Trump better look at what happened to Marco Rubio. People don’t forget when politicians betray the voters when it comes to this issue. Resolving America’s problem with illegal immigration was one of the selling points which propelled Trump to the presidency. It’s crucial that the GOP stand firm.- Alexis

Soundcloud from Mark Levin’s show. Listen below:

Recap from Conservative Review-

Is President Trump on a path to repeating the immigration mistakes of the past and falling into the statist trap of amnesty for illegal immigrants?

On his Tuesday radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin warned that past Republican presidents made grave errors by cutting amnesty deals with Democrats without securing the border. Levin, reading from his book “Liberty and Tyranny,” explained the conservative philosophy of American sovereignty, along with the American principle of government by consent, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence.

Levin asked these fundamental questions: “Have the governed — the American citizens — consented to the current state of legal and illegal immigration in this nation? Do current immigration policies and enforcement practices affect the safety and happiness of the people? Yes!”

He reviewed how decades of statist policies advanced by the Democratic party have undermined American sovereignty and radically redefined how Americans think about immigration — for the worse.

Then, considering President Trump’s Tuesday bipartisan meeting on immigration, Levin said Trump’s apparent conciliatory attitude toward the Democrats on amnesty is “enormously troubling.”

“Is it not the job of the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate and the president of the United States to persuade the American people to our position? To saving this nation-state? To saving Americanism and the American culture?” Levin asked.

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