Is Trump Listening To His Leftist Daughter??? Israel is betrayed And Family Leave?

Is Trump Listening To His Leftist Daughter??? Israel is betrayed And Family Leave?

During the campaign, Trump promised us he was going to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Guess what? He lied! Rex Tillerson is cozying up with the “Palestinian” leaders. And Trump’s team is legitimizing “Palestine” as if it were a real country. “Palestine” was part of the Ottoman empire. Many of the people who live in this area may be Jordanians or Arabs but technically there is no such thing as “Palestinians.” Judea and Samaria have always been part of Israel since Biblical times. The land was a barren dessert waste land before the Jews returned home, brought in back to life and made it prosper once again. The Trump administration better study history before they make a horrible mistake.

Plus, check out the article below! Family leave? Now, Trump is sounding like Hillary. I predicted this was going to happen after listening to all of Ivanka’s speeches during Donald Trump’s campaign.

By Michael Qazvini,
Via The Daily Wire
In a statement released ahead of Women’s Health Week, President Trump renewed calls for paid family leave after blasting the “current health system,” colloquially known as Obamacare, for failing American women.

“Under the current healthcare system, however, the lack of choice in health insurance and in healthcare providers, along with skyrocketing premium[s] and out-of-pocket costs, are failing our citizens, our families, and, in particular, our women.”

Women deserve “better options,” writes Trump.

“I am committed to working with Congress to help mothers — and fathers — have paid family leave so that childcare is accessible and affordable…” the president added, renewing his campaign pledge to push (the Republican-led) Congress to support paid family leave.

The letter’s central message, policy prescriptions, and tone all point to first daughter Ivanka Trump, a de facto administration official who has been whispering in her father’s ear about family leave since he first decided to run for the presidency.

As The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro reported last September: “Ivanka was reportedly the motivating force behind this new program. Yes, Ivanka, who wasn’t registered as a Republican in time to vote for her dad in the New York primaries. Yes, Ivanka, who hobnobs with Chelsea Clinton and David Geffen.”

Shapiro continued, slamming the proposed policy as an anti-business, forceful government mandate:

If you think that it’s rather atypical for a Republican nominee to suggest a massive new government mandate robbing businesses of their income, even though the free market already provides paid maternity for many women (and paternity leave for men), that’s because you’re just remember wrong. It’s all an illusion…

So now, presumably, businesses will be forced to cover – or taxpayers will – the cost of hiring a temp, a potential decrease in productivity, and the cost of the benefits. The unintended consequence of such laws: young women aren’t hired because businesses are afraid of covering such costs. Also, Trump proposes new income tax deductions for child-care expenses – which is truly just a redistributionist program on behalf of families and lower-income Americans.

Bottom line: Paid maternity leave, let alone paid family leave (paternity included) is not a conservative policy. It’s something that you’d expect from Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) or Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), not the Republican President of the United States

The Daily Wire



  1. Char in ND says:

    I don’t remember voting for Ivanka Trump. Do you?

    Trump is betraying his promise to stand by Israel. I think Israel should annex Judea and Samaria.

  2. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our commudnity and I thought this was well-written. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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