Mark Steyn Files Lawsuit Against Conservative Review TV -CRTV

Mark Steyn Files Lawsuit Against Conservative Review TV -CRTV

Mark Steyn was fired from CRTV.


Steyn talked about it briefly on his site.

Many customers have complained that they subscribed for a year expecting to see Steyn’s show which was cancelled after only one month and now apparently CRTV is unwilling to give these people a refund. Meanwhile, Mark Steyn Enterprises Inc. and Mark Steyn have filed a lawsuit against CRTV. We will have to see how this plays out.

24 HOURS LATER- Due to all of us putting pressure on them, Conservative Review is now apparently giving refunds to people who ask. Good work you guys! You forced them to do the honorable action.

Click the red link for court documents:

Steyn V. CRTV – U.S. District Court- District of Vermont

If anybody has any information on Conservative Review / CRTV and how a poker site got involved with conservative TV, please contact us.


Update this week:


  1. E.C. Wightman says:

    Dear Mr. Steyn,
    I was sorry and dismayed to see that your programme had been cancelled. I appreciated both your insightful analysis, along with your wry Britannic sense of humour that you brought to the network. I would be pleased as Punch if they would bring you back!

    • Lynn Foster says:

      just so you know Mark is a Canadian….but i can understand a Yank making that mistake….LOL….I also am so sorry that CRTV and Mark came to grief…..Mark’s show was superb….I will follow him now on Utube and HOPEFULLY he gets the TV studio set up in the divorce proceedings….it was a very cool set for his show, what with the cowboy art over the fireplace and the bar…..sad that it ended badly…..

      • Erik Cartman says:

        Lynn, despite his place of birth, I believe Steyn, for the most part, grew up and was educated in Birmingham England, not Canada. After leaving school (early I believe), it’s my understanding he continued to live and work for many years in the UK. Which may explain why E.C. Wightman made note of a “Britannic sense of humour”.

  2. Richard Ratcliffe says:

    I’m a fan of Mark Steyn and hope that his show is reinstated once the legal business is settled. I was wondering why MS had not posted any new shows; I particularly valued his comments on Steyn Post.

  3. wildbill2u says:

    Briefly considered subscribing to CRTV because of you. I just love everything you write. Even the more serious books have devastating satiric zingers in them. BUT….

    I can’t stand Mark Levin pomposity and screeching voice so I figured he’d be the tail wagging the dog and decided I could miss it. My thinking was right on.

  4. ToddWayne says:

    Trying to access the court docs via your link. Could you refresh the link or direct us to where we can access the information. Thanks!

    • It’s a PDF file. The link looks good to me. Once you click on it, you will have to either open it or save it on a program that reads PDF files. If anybody else is having problems, let me know. 🙂

      • ToddWayne says:

        Unfortunately when you click the link the page that is opened is blank. Have tried on both windows and mac platforms in case that had something to do with it.

        Also, should have mentioned it in my first post but a big THANK YOU, QoL for tracking the story and making info available.

      • Thank you 🙂 I’m not very tech savvy.
        Here is a direct link:

        Click to access steyn-two-denial.pdf

      • tracie koehler says:

        That isnt the hole court file or records you have to pay money to excess the other files. What you have is a filing for denial for a exparte restraning order .I wish I could access all the files

  5. Glad I hesitated to buy a CRTV subscription. The Conservative Review network’s treatment of Mark Steyn seems like a red flag.

  6. I ended my subscription contract today with CRTV earlier than planned. Not coincidentally!

  7. Susan from Scranton says:

    Thank God for the QueenOfLiberty website. CRTV was unwilling to give me a refund until this website exposed the situation. Now, since your story, it is all over the Internet, CRTV is scrambling to do damage control. Thank you times one million.

  8. Bob Clozen says:

    They are jealous of Steyn. Steyn is funny they are not. Levin is a bitter old angry man.

  9. Char in ND says:

    Wow this is strange. I adore Mark Steyn and enjoy his brilliant mind and sense of humor. I too was stunned to see he is no longer on CRTV, I thought he had a five-year contract. So what is up with this! Steve Deace is going to be on instead, is that right?

    I am bummed! 😦 Thanks for the information, Alexis. You are top notch!

    • Hi Char! I know, it is sad. Steyn doesn’t even know why he was fired. I heard Deace is going to be involved somehow. I like Steve, a solid conservative. CRTV is allegedly involved with gambling too. There is such mystery around who is behind that company.

      • Char in ND says:

        I like Deace but think he is better on radio. Steyn I could listen to all day. He’s so sharp and funny, too. I love his self-deprecation. The only time I listen to Limbaugh’s show is if he sits in.

        I just called and canceled CRTV. Nice gal on the phone, they have good customer service. Thanks again for the info!

      • Steve Deace is a solid ant-Trumper too.

  10. Reagan Lover says:

    Just cancelled my renewal to LevinTV. No thank you.

  11. John Wynn says:

    I will want a refund if Mark Steyn is gone. Keep your chin up Mr. Steyn. We love you.

  12. I still enjoy Louder with Crowder but losing Steyn hurt. If they lose one more I’ll go and unsub.

  13. Because Cary Katz is a famous poker player. Plays in vegas a lot.

  14. Tom Randolph says:

    Good luck Mark Steyn. Conservative Review was in the wrong.

  15. Erika Dershy says:

    Started to sense problems when I noticed Mark Steyn was not included in CRTV ads; they’ve lost their brightest star!

  16. JeanneKush says:

    This is awful. What a shame. I have nothing but respect for Mark Steyn.

  17. Aaron Cates says:

    Mark Steyn was best show on CRTV & the reason I subscribed. He provided interesting and high-quality content. Bye, Bye CRTV

  18. jayniemarie says:

    Here’s wishing you the best possible outcome of this terribly odd situation. I cannot imagine why the company would terminate such a great show. Steyn and crew clearly worked hard to produce a high quality project. And as for Mark Steyn himself, why he was a known quantity, there were no surprises there. It makes no sense. The company should have held on tightly to a great thing while they had it, it really raised the level of quality for the channel.

  19. Never watch or listen to Lev I anymore. This asshole is worse than some Democrats out there.

  20. RobbiePolitico says:

    I am scratching my head reading this lawsuit. “Plaintiffs further allege that their employees will sufferirreparable harm because they will lose their health insurance coverage as a result of Defendant’s actions.” I know he’s Canadian and lived in UK, but surely Mark Steyn does not believe that health care is a right????

    • M Sittnick says:

      “I know he’s Canadian and lived in UK, but surely Mark Steyn does not believe that health care is a right????”
      No, but he believes that people have a right to have contracts honored. Even if you don’t have a right to health coverage, you have a responsibility to provide for your own health and those of your dependents. Violating the terms of the contract keeps Steyn and the people he works with from fulfilling their duties because CRTV failed in meeting its duty.

    • Umm, we’re talking CONTRACT here. If health coverage is included in said contract, then it’s a legal right.

  21. When I heard Mark Steyn talking about his show going on Levin’s TV dealeo I said WTH(?). I wondered how that could work out. Figured something would have to give. Sure enough…
    Steyn is very amusing and should shop his show elsewhere.

  22. Pamela Belt says:

    Mark’s show was by far the most interesting and intellectually stimulating of the CRTV lineup. I can listen to Levin for free anytime, Malkin’s posting were good but few and Crowder was obnoxious. I don’t want super short news clips broken into segments that I have to keep loading. I am VERY sorry that CRTV made such an absurd choice and can’t imagine how this could possibly benefit them.

  23. Stephen says:

    The Steynposts episodes were exactly what I was hoping to see when I signed up for CRTV. I am very disappointed that those will not continue. Mark Steyn is an order of magnitude better than Levin. Too darn bad.

  24. I could see this coming. For whatever reason Mark Levin would promote the other ‘talent’ on the network, but rarely mention Mark. I always wondered why. Now it makes more sense. Perhaps Levin wasn’t a fan?

  25. I’m as conservative as they come, and I’ve always thought Mark Levin is a piece of shite. I’m not surprised that Levin did not get along with a bright mind like Steyn.

  26. How does one apply for a get a refund. I have sent an Email with that request, but received no reply as yet …. Anyone?

    • The chat function on their CRTV site worked fine to get my refund. It was a bit slow to reply and my Firefox beta froze once (my fault -should have used IE). Otherwise no problem.

  27. I too considered a subscription to get Mark and Michelle– glad I didn’t. One thing I’ve found odd since Mark was announced as joining the network was the fact that his image was NEVER used in any of the advertising.

  28. Owen Kehoe says:

    Even under less than ideal circumstances Steyn manages to be funny. I loved his show and hope he lands another somewhere else for us to enjoy.

  29. I love Mark Steyn…I really enjoyed listenig to his show with my headphones in..building away…please do a podcast daily Mark…I will miss you. Levin is a creepy boring irritating twerp…crowder is ok. I probably will get a refund…I will pay for a subscription if you do somthing similar .really love listening to you Love ya work Mark!!!!

  30. chucklabee says:

    Steyn is awesome. Creative, quick, usually right on the mark. So I’m confused by this story: As everyone is asking: “Why?” Wish it were just a money issue and that it will be resolved soon and Steyn will be back, but it’s probably too late for that. Meanwhile I will keep, and renew, my subscription to CRTV. It’s growing: Other names seemingly coming in the future. (Bongino keeps hinting on his podcast.) And I don’t understand some of the bashing in the above posts. (Would suspect demo-trolls, except the posts don’t seem rabid enough for that.) Mark Levin is awesome. The brains of the conservative movement, he usually spots things first and sets the tone for others to follow. And yeah, maybe he’s a bit repetitive sometimes, but could YOU talk three hours a day for years and years and not sometimes say the same thing? I don’t call that boring. Nor bitter. Just educational. And occasionally brilliantly inspiring.

  31. Noonie B says:

    I have admired and listened to Levin but just left a message for CRTV cancelling our subscription. No Steyn, no way.

  32. I always enjoyed listening to Mark Steyn when he filled in for anyone but when he was fired he called Mark Levin some names and I no longer have any respect for Mark Steyn. You may be unhappy about some things thinking someone has done you wrong, but handle yourself like a man. I thought Steyn’s program was boring, just another Tonight Show.

    • What did Steyn say about Levin? I don’t think Levin had any say over what happened. It wasn’t just Steyn. The billionaire who owns CRTV refused to pay all of the people who were working at the studio where Steyn’s show was filmed. It was a great deal of people who worked there. They probably had rent, mortgages, families to support. They weren’t just fired after being given a contract. They weren’t paid back salary.


  1. […] launch the program, and discovering CRTV was not going to compensate him for any of the expenses, Steyn sued and  CRTV dropped […]

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