Happy Fourth Anniversary Queen Of Liberty!

Happy Fourth Anniversary Queen Of Liberty!

Happy fourth anniversary to this website, Queen of Liberty! Tomorrow starts year five! Wow! It’s been a crazy ride! Thanks to all of you who come here. I really appreciate it and I love all of you. Will this be the LAST YEAR?????? We will have to wait and see. – Alexis


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I hope you’ll stay. I enjoy your blog!

  3. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Trump does.

  4. Sam Connaghan says:

    This is my favorite conservative website. Congratulations on many years of success!

  5. Love it.

  6. I have been posting here since the beginning of the first year! Where have all the regular community members been? You do a great job. I hope you’ll be here many more years. Thank you for all you do. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Char in ND says:

    Happy Anniversary, Queen of Liberty! I have enjoyed so many articles, the commentary, information and great conversations here throughout the past four years.

    Alexis Deacon, you are the best! Thank you for your dedication to liberty! 🙂

    • Char, you have been such a good friend to me over the years. I would not have stuck with this for so long if it weren’t for you. You are such a brilliant writer, a solid conservative and you always encourage me. People like you give me hope for the country. Thanks for always being here for me. Love ya sister!

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