Good Riddance Megyn Kelly!!!!

Good Riddance Megyn Kelly!!!!

Good Riddance Megyn Kelly!
You won’t be missed!
Everybody should dump Fox News & watch and listen to the Blaze!
The Blaze is where all the hot young conservatives & libertarians dwell!!! 🙂
See ya Megyn! You won’t be missed!

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  1. Hip hip………………..!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good Riddance! Good Riddance! Good Riddance! Stopped watching her long before her run in with Trump. She acts like an arrogance bitch. Much too self absorbed.

    • I agree with you. I didn’t watch Fox much at all in 2016. I wasn’t happy with their coverage of the election. I use to love Fox and all the famous guys on talk radio but I pretty much quit all of that a year ago in early 2016. Now I enjoy listening to all the regular unknown people who do political Internet podcasts. Sometimes I listen or watch the Blaze but I mostly read. Happy new year Needhamb!!! 🙂

  3. Barry Snow says:

    It is? Then I’m checking out The Blaze lol 😀

  4. As with yourself and the majority of your subscribers, I too am very happy to see Megan Kelly move to NBC. After watching her show a few times I was extremely disappointed with how self centered and arrogant Ms. Kelly is. Why O’Rielly thought Kelly would be could for Hannity’s time slot still confuses me. To go from a proven conservative to a spoiled brat want-a-be doesn’t give me a very good feeling about Bill O’Rielly.

    • Hey Ted! Yeah, I agree. Bill isn’t a conservative. Rush calls him Ted Baxter. LOL! And we all know the management at Fox is far from conservative. Look at how Fox news treated Ted Cruz during the campaign. I think Fox lost much of its audience over this past year. I’ve never seen so many conservatives so angry at a TV network. A very happy new year to you & your family. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season!

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