Scott Walker said he supports an Article V Convention of States

Scott Walker said he supports an Article V Convention of States

Good news. Slowly but surely the Convention of States is gaining support and making progress. We might have hope in saving this republic.

Click here for a huge selection of articles and videos about an Article V convention of the states. Learn all about it!


  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    It remains a very dangerous proposition. Once opened, there is no nation until closed. No laws exist until closed. If any damage to the Second Amendment, WAR. Leave sleeping dogs, lie.

    • No laws? That’s not true. You should read about the process. It’s about adding amendments. The progressives changed our system with the 17th amendment & we need to change it back to how the framers designed our system. The senate should be chosen by the states. And that’s just one example. The progressive movement has altered the constitution and we need to restore it. This is the only way. Without the Convention of States, we are lost forever. And Trump has already shown us he is going to be 100% establishment. No draining of the swamp going on in his administration.

      • 17th, ratified in 1913, gives two senators from each state. Here in New York, Heaven forbid if it were Schumer, alone.
        While I like your concept of returning back to what the Founding Fathers intended, I would be extremely cautious about opening the constitution. As to whether or not hypothetically what Trump will do, I did not pay the electric bill on my crystal ball, but I bet Trump will do, a lot better than Hillary. As for other unnamed candidates, who knows?
        My sole concern is the restoration of TWENTY-SEVEN WORDS. Anything else, I don’t care if it were Jesus Christ, Himself, I would not trust Him to do the right thing with, the constitution. Kind of like, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it”.

      • Lovely comment for the Christmas season. We have amended the Constitution before. Don’t believe all the liberal garbage on the Internet. Trump wasn’t strong on the 2nd Amendment until recently.

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