Obama’s Last Minute Regulations

Obama’s Last Minute Regulations

Regulations are hindering business more than taxes. Endless amounts of federal regulations keep piling on. I for one can’t wait to see Obama go!
He won’t leave without adding a few more.

I hope the Trump administration shuts down the EPA.

Video from Fox news. Press the arrow to play.

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  1. Not sure Trump will shut down the EPA. That would be great. But there is another answer. You know what it is. Regulations are killing us. Prominent Founders of our Nation and Framers of our Constitution, as well as leaders who followed, understood that providing a method for the States to bypass Congress and propose amendments to the Constitution from the States through an Article V Convention of States was a good idea, and necessary to correct anticipated future abuses by the federal government – – abuses that have now become a threat to our liberty.

  2. Are comments moderated…? I posted one, but don’t see it.

  3. I guess not, cuz I see that one! Maybe the first one was too long. I’ll edit & try again.

  4. We can hope, QOL… and we can actually do more that that! Just as the Second Amendment secures the right of the individual to defend himself against an intruder, so does Article V secure the right of society to defend itself against an intrusive government. #COSProject

  5. Let’s have an Article V Convention of States!


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