Decision Time

Decision Time

Decision Time! Trump or Hillary?

Video from Fox News. Press the arrow to play.

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  1. you might get up to date – the video was from feb 2015


  2. Char in ND says:

    I voted for Trump today. Its not that I wanted to or that it will make a difference in my state. He will win my state anyway so I could have easily cast a protest vote but I chose not to.

    I don’t like either of these candidates but certainly to me it is obvious what Clinton will do. What Trump will do is a guess at best but I don’t think this nation can survive with further decimation of our liberties by statists like Hillary – she will continue the beat down of our nation and the principles of our founders at rapid speed.

    I have struggled with this election for months. Last evening I was pondering the Constitutional Convention history and documents, at which the attendees had to deal with the 3/5ths of a person issue. I don’t know why exactly that came to mind, perhaps compromise. They did it for the preservation of the union, not that they supported that stance. I know they knew someday this great nation as a whole would denounce slavery so it was a compromise (as some see it of principle) but I see it as a compromise in the meantime in furtherance of a perfect union of a free people. Although this might seem unrelated, I think it is indeed related at least in my mind – preserving an ideal and truth as outlined in the Declaration of Independence They knew what they strove for would come to fruition in the future and a governing document would need to be drafted and passed before such visionary truths could be realized.

    I find my vote to be a compromise, too. Anyone that knows me is aware I am no fan of Donald Trump. I do despise Hillary Clinton. It’s not a lesser of evils for me, for she has told us what her plans are and that is the dissolution of our republic. I’m not a gambler and I don’t know what Trump has in store. I think at least with him there is a chance this republic can survive. With Hillary, I see absolutely no chance.

    • I voted for Trump too for much the same reason. My vote was for preserving what’s left of the Supreme Court. My vote was for Pence for VP. My vote was AGAINST Hillary, the disciple of Alinsky. I had to justify how I could vote for a man like Trump who spread so many lies about Sen. Cruz and ruined our first big shot at having a conservative president again. Hillary will just continue what Obama has done to our republic. She is dangerous. I have to hope Trump wins. I like your thoughts on compromise. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass had very similar views. Lincoln & Douglass believed the framers knew all men would be free eventually as long as we had a Constitution which restrained government. They had to do whatever was necessary to ratify the Constitution. And thank God they did. Because of the framer’s vision, the standard of living was raised for all mankind. I think it is okay to compromise on politics as long as we don’t settle for less than best in other areas of our life.

    • Char in ND says:

      I think it’s over. I am calling it for Trump.

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