Trump Supporter Responds To Casey Neistat’s Order For Youtubers To Sway Vote For Hillary

Trump Supporter Responds To Casey Neistat’s Order For Youtubers To Sway Vote For Hillary

Marxist, Casey Neistat, who has received over ONE BILLION views on youtube, orders all big name youtubers to have a “backbone” and try to stop Trump. Casey has taken social media by storm over the past two years. He’s a big Obama & Hillary supporter who is a fabulous filmmaker. Neistat has revolutionized social media platforms in ways which will go down in history. He visited Cuba and loved its lack of capitalism, even though he has made his fortune because he was born in America under our free market system. He also promotes gun control on twitter quite often. Sadly, there is a Left wing undercurrent in most of his work. Ask your kids who he is, because there is a good chance your kid is one of his biggest fans and he is indoctrinating our youth quicker than Obama.

Check out the videos below. Press the arrow to play.

This is a good response from Wranglerstar :

Philip DeFranco had an interesting point of view.

This is Casey Neistat’s original video. He was inspired by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and he deletes comments from people who disagree with him. Casey comes across as a bully in this video, a Castro-esque dictator if you will.

I think Casey needs to do a livestream debate or a political forum with some of our young liberty loving rock stars, if he really has a “backbone.”
Matt Walsh has said he is up for it. Where is Casey?
My guess is Neistat would wimp out if he had to go toe to toe with a brilliant conservative mind.
He should stick to cameras and things he actually knows about.- Alexis Deacon




  1. Sam Pioski says:

    My kids use to watch Neistat’s show religiously. At first I believed it was harmless but I started to see his Marxist indoctrination after a few weeks. Good piece. I’m happy to see someone shining a light on this problem. I would enjoy watching Matt Walsh, Dana Loesch or anybody from the Blaze debate Neistat or discuss politics with him.

  2. Maria Fericcio says:

    I wish there was a conservative Casey Neistat. Casey is clever about delivering the Marxist message in an entertaining manner.

  3. Casey Neistat is a professional libtard. He looks like his face was hit with a frying pan. He makes a living promoting people like Hillary Clinton. It’s come out now he has worked with the Clintons in the past. He can claim he didn’t get paid for the political video but you know he did.

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