We Need Another Pro Life President Like Reagan

We Need Another Pro Life President Like Reagan

After the latest SCOTUS abortion ruling, I couldn’t stop thinking about Reagan and wishing we could have a president like him again.
Please watch this beautiful video.
Reagan’s wording is from his “Address to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention”,
delivered 30 January 1984 @ Sheraton Washington Hotel, Washington, D.C. – Alexis

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Why Is Donald Trump Silent On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling?
By Joe Cunningham From RedState-
The man who is supposed to represent the values of the Republican Party as their nominee, Donald Trump should have plenty to say on today’s abortion ruling. It is, after all, a bigger sign that he is supposedly the cure-all to a liberal Supreme Court. But, alas, Donald Trump has no opinion on today’s ruling.

If Justice Antonin Scalia were still alive, it would have made no difference, but with expected judicial retirements sometime in the next presidential term, a chance to replace, say, Justice Ginsberg would be a big plus, and could make the court solidly 5-4 or even 6-3 in some cases, depending on Justice Kennedy’s temperament.

This should surprise no one who has paid any attention to Trump’s past, from the recent past where he’s said he’d fund Planned Parenthood and that they provide excellent services, to the more distant past, where he’s called himself pro-choice. Trump is exactly the type of guy who would support abortion. But, he won’t even admit that, either.

Donald Trump is a coward.

Dubbed a recent convert to Christianity by evangelical leaders, Trump has worked to build in-roads into the Christian community. They should, in turn, expect him to condemn the ruling. After all, it took mere minutes for Hillary Clinton to praise the killing of the innocent as a Constitutional right everyone should have access to, and Trump is as prolific on social media as they come. Surely, he should have something to say. But he doesn’t.

He is scared to death of losing his support in the evangelical community. By opening his mouth and letting what he really thinks come out – because he is a man with no filter and no moral guidance whatsoever – Trump risks the highest profile supporters he has fleeing from him just as Republican leaders have. The man sees his polling, and he knows it sucks. He in many cases isn’t breaking forty percent in the polling, which is absurdly low for a major party candidate.

Trump is unqualified to lead Republicans if he can’t stand up for one of the most fundamental parts of the Republican Party platform.


ALso Via Redstate

Senator Ted Cruz just delivered a blistering rebuke of the 5-3 SCOTUS abortion decision which was handed down this morning. Cruz, who Planned Parenthood has called “the biggest threat we face”, continues to unashamedly stand for life.

Cruz said on FB:
“The ‪#‎SCOTUS‬ ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is profoundly disappointing. Texas enacted HB 2’s commonsense health standards to ensure that women receive safe care.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court sided with abortion extremists who care more about providing abortion-on-demand than they do protecting women’s health.

This decision will not silence our fight to protect the most helpless and innocent among us, nor will we cease our efforts to protect women from an abortion industry that prioritizes profit margins over improving the safety and health of Texas women. We will continue to stand resolutely to defend unborn life because we know that every life is a gift from God, and without life there is no liberty.”

Cruz is spot-on. The SCOTUS decision did nothing but protect profits over life. This is the abortion industry’s main goal.

As expected, Justice Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote in today’s abortion decision. Kennedy, a Reagan appointee, has been an absolute disappointment, especially in the area of protecting life.

So long as we have fierce defenders of life on the national stage like Senator Ted Cruz, the unborn will always have a voice.


  1. You do know that Reagan signed abortion into law in CA right? He also made deals with Tip O’Neil that should make you cringe. He also started the un-American NAFTA treaty. No one is a saint. I liked him but he isn’t the myth about him.

    • I agree with Reagan and Milton Friedman on free trade and NAFTA. I’ve posted a great deal on this lately. Nobody is perfect, I agree but Reagan was one of the top 5 presidents this country has ever had. I feel so grateful to have lived through his presidency. I credit Reagan’s presidency for the success of my business and the great life I have today. I never could have started my business today in this atmosphere and have the success I had back then. Reagan’s philosophy created abundance and prosperity for so many Americans. Conservatism is the solution for tyranny. Reagan conservatism is what we desperately need today to heal this country’s wounds. Reagan was a great, honest, decent man and a great patriot. He truly was one of the greatest American heroes I have ever seen in my lifetime.

      • Agree with most of what you said, but we’ve elevated him much too high and denigrate, only God belongs that high. NAFTA has served only the elite and has destroyed too many of your neighbors. All ideology is man-made and has flaws. I like Milton Friedman but no one will ever outsource his job.
        Best wishes to you.

      • Thank you. Best wishes to you as well.

        Reagan wasn’t a God and nobody says that he was. However, he deserves to be elevated. He was one of the greatest conservative thinkers and leaders in our lifetime. He did more to promote conservatism and individual liberty than any other person in his generation. Reagan’s presidency created the biggest economic boom in the history of the United States. And he turned the tide on progressivism. The policies he put in place held the Left’s assault at bay for two decades. Many of the great conservative thinkers we have today were heavily influenced by Reagan. The ripple effect he left behind was phenomenal. Sometime I wonder if anybody in this country today would still be promoting the message of our founders if Reagan had never been born. He truly reignited the message of liberty.

        With Trump being the presumptive GOP nominee, his frightening views on tariffs and protectionism are in the news again. The last thing we need is more taxes, more tariffs and more government. Trump has always been a big government guy and his policies are a recipe for another great depression.

        It’s times like these when Reagan and Milton Friedman’s wise words really come in to play. I’ll post these quotes for anybody who might read this:

        Quote from President Reagan:

        “For decades America has led freedom-seeking people around the world in their struggles to destroy and dismantle the oppressive barriers that divide countries and restrict liberty. Today, many of those battles have been fought and won — the barricades that once stood between countries no longer exist and their citizens are able to live together in freedom and prosperity. With this in mind, we, as Americans — as North Americans — are faced with a new challenge. The Cold War is over, and now we must break down the tariff walls that restrict the free flow of trade on our continent. The North American Free Trade Agreement can bring us that victory.

        The reason for a free trade agreement is simple: Throughout history, whenever and wherever trade barriers have been lowered, the participating economies have flourished. Through Nafta, we will most certainly see a boost to the economic vitality of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It will help mature and expand the North American economy, keeping us globally competitive.

        Presidents of both political parties have embraced the North American Free Trade Agreement in order to forge a powerful bloc to compete in today’s global economy. Its history goes back even further. When I announced my candidacy for president in 1979, I believed in the potential for the world’s largest free trade zone and called for the creation of such a North American Accord.

        We took a major step forward in 1988, when we were able to forge a historic trade agreement between the U.S. and Canada. This agreement cut tariffs and eliminated other trade barriers and, as a result, the world’s longest undefended border got a lot busier. Back then objections were raised, but the critics were proven wrong and our trade grew to a world record $175 billion — and our two-way investment also reached record levels.”

        Another Reagan quote

        “I’d like to talk to you today about trade — a powerful force for progress and peace, as you well know. The winds and waters of commerce carry opportunities that help nations grow and bring citizens of the world closer together. Put simply, increased trade spells more jobs, higher earnings, better products, less inflation, and cooperation over confrontation. The freer the flow of world trade, the stronger the tides for economic progress and peace among nations.

        I’ve seen in my lifetime what happens when leaders forget these timeless principles. They seek to protect industries and jobs, but they end up doing the opposite. One economic lesson of the 1930’s is protectionism increases international tensions. We bought less from our trading partners, but then they bought less from us. Economic growth dried up. World trade contracted by over 60 percent, and we had the Great Depression. Young Americans soon followed the American flag into World War II.

        No one wants to relive that nightmare, and we don’t have to. The 1980’s can be a time when our economies grow together, and more jobs will be created for all. This was the spirit of the Williamsburg summit in May. The leaders of the industrialized countries pledged to continue working for a more open trading system. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.”

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