Louie Gohmert Pulls A “Ted Cruz” Challenging Democrats

Louie Gohmert Pulls A “Ted Cruz” Challenging Democrats

I love Louie! Always have! Go get ’em!
(We need 500 more like Louie)
– Alexis


Rep. Louie Gohmert confronts Democrats on House floor

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Rep. Louie Gohmert confronts Democrats on House floor

By John Sexton Via HotAir

Wednesday night, about 12 hours in to House Democrats’ sit-in for gun control, Rep. Louie Gohmert seems to have had enough. He came to the floor and challenged Democrats after Rep. Brad Sherman said he was afraid to debate the issue. The incident was captured via cellphone video broadcast on CSPAN.

Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman stood at a microphone saying, “We should be concerned about the civil liberties aspects. There is a right to travel that the courts have found in our Constitution. There is a Second Amendment and neither of those should be taken away from an American frivolously.”


It’s okay to take away constitutional rights without due process, so long as you do so with some appropriate seriousness. That’s the Democrat’s argument.

At this point, someone could be heard starting to yell off camera. Rep. Sherman continued, “I know the gentleman is afraid of what I have to say…” Then Democrats began trying to shout down the person disrupting their PR stunt, yelling slogans like “No fly, no buy.” But the disruption continued and at that point Democrats began demanding the person creating the disruption come down to the floor to “debate.”

“It appears as if the gentleman is afraid to vote and afraid to debate,” Sherman said to someone off camera. He added, “And given the weakness of his arguments and his position, his fear is well founded.” This brought a round of applause from Democrats.

Apparently that was enough for Rep. Gohmert. He approached the podium and, pointing at a poster of victims of the Orlando attack yelled, “Radical Islam killed these poor people.”

Rather than debate him as they had promised, Democrats began chanting “No fly, no buy” in an effort to shout Gohmert down. It’s impossible to hear what Gohmert says next because of the noise. Rep. Brad Sherman started to engage with Gohmert but another Democrat runs up to the microphone to stop him. Democrats didn’t want a debate.

As Democrats continued chanting, “No bill, no break” to drown Gohmert out, Rep. Scott Peters, who was holding the camera, shouted, “Why are you protecting terrorists?”

Gohmert repeated, “Radical Islam killed these people” a couple more times and then moved away from the microphone where he was surrounded by Democrats. Some conversation continued but it was too far from the camera to be heard.

Rep. Gohmert appeared on Fox News Thursday morning to describe the incident. “The Democrats had taken control of all 8 microphones…they had taken over the chamber,” Gohmert said. He continued, “It was incredible to see real American folk heroes like John Lewis, who were brutalized and stood up for civil rights, folks were there using the instruments that helped gain civil right to try to take away people’s civil rights.”


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