Two Months ago Orlando Mosque Had A Speaker Who Promoted Killing Homosexuals

Two Months ago Orlando Mosque Had A Speaker Who Promoted Killing Homosexuals

This video is from The United West. Two months ago Field Sutton of Channel 9 news in Orlando, FL covered this story.
HT to PJ Media. Press the arrow to play.

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  1. Char in ND says:

    Alexis. Thank you for posting this video. The media do not post or mention this video.

    My heart has been heavy since I heard the news of the savage that killed 49 people in a nightclub in Orlando. I wasn’t shocked when I heard it, sadly. However I have been thinking about this since then.

    As I expected, 0bama and the left turned it into an attack on our 2A. In his seven years in office he has done nothing to protect our nation from such attacks – allowing countless unknowns to infiltrate and also many to be resettled here without vetting and thus not providing the protection of the citizenry he swore an oath to protect. 0bama has disabled even the FBI by not allowing surveillance of radical jihadists in mosques, on the internet or wherever they may wish to conspire. The FBI is not allowed to provide to agents information vital to the security of the nation because 0bama & his ilk have taken that off the table – the pressure from the ACLU and groups like CAIR have deemed profiling to be racist and they did get their way. To the detriment of hundreds of millions of Americans. Oh and the borders are still wide open. Thanks to both the Democrats & Republicans.

    0bama’s supposed opposition in the halls of Congress (the GOP) has enabled him to continue on course, as has been the case for his entire presidency. Today with dismay I read that Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, John Thune and others are considering ways in which they can once again assist Barry 0bama in chipping away – if not entirely dissolving – our 2A and the rights it protects.

    Today I read that Donald Trump was going to meet with the NRA to discuss this issue. Today I read that the 8 pmer on FOX was all in and his expert guests chimed in as to which firearms American citizens should/should not be allowed to possess.

    Why does the left always control the conversation. Why isn’t there a conversation about how 0bama has decimated our military, both physically and mentally. Why isn’t there a conversation about how he has nationalized our local police forces in many communities. Why isn’t there a conversation about how he has tied the hands of the FBI and federal law enforcement whose job it is to identify terrorists and pursue them, not drop an obvious investigation because it is politically incorrect?

    These people sicken me. The ones that sicken me the most are the ones who lie to our faces that they give a shit about security then want to take any vestige an individual may have to insure their own security, and that of their family.

    • Hi Char. Great comment. It’s unbelievable how much ISIS and other terror groups have grown since Obama took office. The Left not only went after the Second Amendment. They also turned this into an attack on Christianity. They implied Christians who were against same sex marriage started brewing some type of hatred towards homosexuals, which is absurd. Have they seen the way some Muslim countries kill homosexuals? Do they know what Sharia Law is? Do they care? I completely relate to your frustration. I am fed up with the media on both sides. I am fed up with the politicians on both sides. It is hard to stay encouraged in this atmosphere. That is for certain. I know we have to keep fighting but some days I just want to tune out. Then I remember that is what so many have done in this country. I think it is part of the reason how our nation ended up in this position. When I look at Europe and how far gone they are and when I listen to groups like CAIR, I worry our future might be like Europe and that is terrifying. I’m happy for Internet friends like you who at least let me know I am not alone in my frustration. Hope all is well with you.

    • Char, I was so sad to hear Tom Marr passed away. I know you liked him too. He was one of my favorite radio hosts. My Mom always liked him back in the day when we lived in Baltimore. I was really upset by the news.

      How have you been? How is your summer? It’s so hot here. Unbearable.

    • July 18th-2016- Char, what did you think about all the excitement at RNC in Cleveland today? Pretty crazy!

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