An Open Letter To Trump Supporters

An Open Letter To Trump Supporters

I get more death threats, hate mail and harassment from Trump fans than I ever got from Leftists, the GOP establishment, or even radical Islam. Believe me I get mucho hate from the other groups listed but the Trump supporters take the cake. And they are all males. Half of them regurgitate all of the lies and crazy conspiracy theories which the Donald himself help to spread. What is it about Trump supporters which makes them so angry and mean? I decided to write them a little note.

Dear Trumpies,
Do you think because Trump harasses women that you, his male followers, feel the need to also harass women? I have dozens of the same men via email and social media who harass me every day and I am sick of it.

Firstly, Trump would have an extremely hard time winning the general election. He has the highest negative ratings, aka “unfavorability,” in the history of the United States. Over 20 polls show that Hillary would destroy Trump in the general election. Plus the media is sitting on an enormous amount of negative stories about Trump which they don’t intend to release until after Trump becomes the GOP nominee.

As far as Trump winning the GOP nomination, he has a long way to go. Look up the difference between plurality and majority. To win the nomination, you need 1237 delegates not “the most” delegates. Trump has alluded to the fact that if he gets close to 1200 and doesn’t get the nomination people might riot. I wonder if he looked at his supporters and winked when he said that.

With Rubio out of the race it will be harder for Trump to beat Cruz and if Kasich gets out soon it may become impossible for Trump to win the Gop nomination. If Trump does win, it would only be because spoilers like Carson, Rubio and Kasich stayed in the race too long, not because a majority of the GOP is supporting the guy. For half of the primaries, he’s won states with only having 26%-35% support which means 65% or more of the GOP have been voting against him.

Trump has an extremely Leftist past. I have posted dozens of articles and videos documenting his progressive nature. Most of his life he stood for gun control. I would never call him strong on the Second Amendment. He was okay with partial birth abortion in his very recent past. He praises Planned Parenthood and says he won’t defund them. He has given huge amounts of money to statist politicians, Hillary Clinton included. Trump funded the Gang of 8 and hired illegals while Cruz was fighting for border security. While Cruz and conservatives were battling the D.C. establishment, Trump was donating to the people who gave us Obamacare. Trump wants single payer socialized medicine. He opposes entitlement reform. He supported the Obama stimulus spending plan, the auto bailout and the big bank bailout. He is a protectionist who opposes free trade. Trump in every way defends the Democrat platform.

Trump never mentions the Constitution because he doesn’t care about it. He is an authoritarian and would rule as one. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. He has been use to getting his own way since he was a child. If he doesn’t get his way he will buy people off, throw temper tantrums or down right bully people. He thinks he is above the law and he won’t be beholden to the Constitution.

What about Supreme Court picks? Would Trump be better than Hillary? Trump has said publically his liberal sister who is a judge on the Third Circuit would make a good Supreme Court Justice. She voted to strike down the Partial Birth Abortion ban. That should tell you all you need to know about her. Trump doesn’t know or care enough about the Constitution to nominate an originalist. Trump has no plans to bow to the limitation of the Constitution. I believe he would rule with an iron fist.

He has no respect for the First Amendment. If someone in the press like Megyn Kelly even slightly disagrees with him, he goes on social media to call her a bimbo and implies she is menstruating. He led a full blown lynch mob against her on social media. Now, he is telling people to boycott her show. Boycotts are what liberals do! A Trump president would never tolerate dissent.

Trump is a threat to the Republican brand and a threat to our Constitutional Republican system, what is left of it. Trump will always put his own private business and ego over federalism, liberty, individual sovereignty, private property rights and the Constitution. He will always put himself over “we the people.”

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski man handled Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, and some random people at rallies and Donald seems to be okay with this behavior. Trump is a thinned skin narcissist who is crass and vulgar. He has the opposite values of those we wish to teach our children.

Trump corrupted the Tea Party movement. He made us lose respect for many of our favorite news sites and talking heads as one by one we watched them become sellouts. They try to sell us the slogan “Trump is a nice guy” when clearly he is far from it.

Conversely, Ted Cruz is an intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken, classy, Christian statesman. Trump is the opposite. The words that come out of Donald’s mouth and the sentences he tweets downright repulse me. Cruz won Supreme Court cases. Ted is a self made man who has had an impressive career. Trump was an heir to his Daddy’s fortune. Many of the businesses Trump started were colossal failures and he filed bankruptcy four times. He’s not exactly the winner he pretends to be.

I hope a Cruz presidency can return America to Reagan’s vision of a shining city upon a hill. Maybe it would squelch the country’s anger.

So to all the Trump supporters, I suggest you campaign for your candidate and allow Cruz supporters to campaign for Ted. You just don’t have the optimism of Reagan or Cruz. You Trumpies want to convince us that the only way to beat Hillary is to betray our values and vote for a scumbag like Trump. No! We fought long and hard to get this close to having a conservative president again. We have waited 30 years for this, a lifetime for a presidential candidate who actually knows and loves the Constitution. We aren’t going to blow it. We are going to make every minute count. We can never surrender and we won’t. Please go support your guy and leave us alone. There is no amount of bullying that will make myself or any other Cruz supporter change our minds. Get lost!

Alexis Deacon
Member of the Cruz Crew

Some cool articles about Ted’s career accomplishments:

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  1. Feel better now?

  2. DAKarlin says:

    Awesome Queen. Thanks for posting.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Nicely written and well stated Alexis!

    I’m just dumbfounded at the number of people on Twitter I used to think were strong conservatives, and now they’re Trump supporters. And you’re right, a good majority are spewing hateful rhetoric about the most conservative candidate we’ve had since President Reagan.

    You’re doing a great job, keep it up, and let’s hope, pray, and work for a Cruz nomination! 👍🇺🇸

    • Thanks Dan! You are right. It is pretty shocking what is happening in America. All the Cruz conservatives are so nice. It makes up for the jerks. Glenn Beck today said Trump was a 14 year old child living in a 70 year old mans body. It’s true. I think Trump has a serious mental illness and it’s scary someone like that could get so close to being the leader of the free world. And Obama has completely disgusted me this week with his behavior as well. Life has become bizarre! Thanks for your support and kind words. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work yourself. God bless you!

  4. Char in ND says:

    Bravo, Alexis!

    Sane Person: Hey, here’s why I support _________, and why you should vote for him, too.

    Trump Supporter: If you don’t vote for Trump, you are a traitor to the Republic and should die…. or worse. 😦

  5. Cruz 2016
    Never Trump

  6. I hate Trump. He is a pig.

  7. I hate Trump. I would never vote for him. I’m only voting for conservatives.

  8. I’m never voting for Trump regardless if he is the last man standing.

  9. Ever bit of that Article is BULLS++T!!!!

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