Nancy & Ronnie Reagan, together Again. Rest In Peace.

Nancy & Ronnie Reagan, together Again. Rest In Peace.

A great romance can change the course of human history.

“The Reagan of 1980 is vastly different from The Reagan of 1964 in his speech for Barry Goldwater…. The Reagan of 64 isn’t really optimistic. The Reagan that we saw in 1980 is a much sunnier figure. …You see Reagan’s evolution in thinking by the time he runs in 1980. He is still evolving. He adopts the tax cuts, he rejects detente and embraces a new approach towards the Soviets. Instead of being anti- abortion, he is pro-life. He’s emphasizing the optimistic aspects of humanity and culture instead of just the anti-concentration of power in the state. And none of this is possible without Nancy Reagan” Craig Shirley.

I’m so sad about Nancy Reagan but I’m happy she is reunited with Ronnie. Such a great love story!

The following is a great photo article:
47 photos that capture how much Nancy Reagan loved Ron! Click here to view!



  1. Char in ND says:

    Nancy Reagan has always been ‘The First Lady’ to me. From afar I could see Nancy and Ronald Reagan complemented each other perfectly, it was hard to miss. It was so obvious whenever you would see them on tv or in pictures or read their written words speaking of each other. The way they looked at each other, the way they spoke to or about each other, the way they touched, embraced or held hands. The laughter, the promise, the commitment and dedication. I have witnessed this same love in my parents and few others who are or have been so blessedly united that it seems unnatural when they are apart.

    As a then young woman who voted for Ronaldus Magnus, to me Nancy Reagan was the epitome of class, dignity, integrity and was truly an inspiration. She never let me down, nor did he. My respect for both grew enormously and today is even deeper. Mrs. Reagan was an icon of elegance, patriotism & benevolence. As I recall, to many her dedication to and protection of her husband was not “cool” in the day, it was seen by some as old-fashioned and certainly not in vogue. Yet she was solid and assured and confident and strong.

    This lovely era sadly has come to a close, although we have wonderful poignant memories and a fine example in so many respects what dignity and decency truly means.

    Rest in Peace, Nancy Reagan. May we all know the kind of love that she and Ronald Reagan shared. They shall meet again some day. A rendezvous with destiny.

    • That was so moving. Char, you write so beautifully. You should be a professional writer if you aren’t already.

      When you see a couple together and watch them as a stranger from afar, you always know. Body language doesn’t lie. A great love like the Reagan’s shared is obvious to the public. It is also obvious when you see a couple who doesn’t have it. It makes me sad how many people settle for mediocrity just SHORT of what they truly want. I think I have an article somewhere on the site about this topic. It’s something I’ll never understand. People just take the first person who comes along instead of waiting for what the Reagan’s shared. True magic! People will stay with one person who is merely adequate, even though another person occupies their mind every single day for years. Maybe people are too scared to take risks. If they only knew what euphoria they are missing out on.

      I hate to see this era end as well. The Reagan years were phenomenal and unforgettable.

      Yet, I have the feeling something spectacular awaits in the future. I think by this time next year, a new magnificent era will have begun. Perhaps it is on the horizon if we believe. It might be like rolling an eleven on a come out roll at the crap table in Vegas. I for one am ready for a rendezvous with destiny!!!

      • Char in ND says:

        Alexis, thank you so much for your kind words.

        You are so spot on about true love. I too don’t understand why people ‘settle’, maybe it has something to do with human nature and people not wanting to be alone? Still, if you are with the wrong person you sometimes feel alone even in their presence.

        I truly hope that “something spectacular” is a Ted Cruz presidency. In a lot of ways I think it must be now or never, our country is in such dire need of a strong Constitution-loving leader and Ted is that man!

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