Rest in Peace Justice Scalia- You were an American hero

Rest in Peace Justice Scalia- You were an American hero

Scalia was an American hero, an originalist and a true defender of the Constitution. Scalia was a truly brilliant man. He treasured Christian values and stood for the life of the unborn baby. I respected his assertive, spunky attitude and his great sense of humor. He knew the Constitution like the back of his hand and he knew there was an absolute truth. The political implications of his death could be dire for our country. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I thank him so much for everything is did for our country. He was someone I could always look up to and there are fewer and fewer people I can say that about in this day and age.- Alexis Deacon



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  1. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

  2. AD, I can’t believe Justice Scalia has passed away. I feel so bad for his family. I am becoming more frightened now with each day that passes for our country’s future. We lost the best Justice on the court who still stood for God, truth, law and constitution. His loss has hurt me…

    I am now more than ever worried about the ramifications of Cruz not winning the nomination. We know that Cruz would nominate an originalist, but I’m very worried about Trump or Hillary. I really do believe we would be left with another activist from either one of them. I could see our Bill of Rights being targeted very heavily, and the 2nd being completely written over against individual rights.

    Please tell me I’m wrong?


  3. Antonin Scalia was a remarkable man with rare intellect, as is obvious from his writings and opinions. It is difficult to sum up what this man meant to me, he was very complex and principled and devout. When I think of him, I think of freedom of the individual. I am reminded of the people who have fought and those who continue to fight for individual liberties. Those that understood and those who still do understand that these unalienable rights are to be protected and are not negotiable. Justice Scalia echoed unalienable rights in all of his opinions, he argued for them in his dissents, he lived them and believed in them.

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