Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! May the Reagan Revolution Continue!

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! May the Reagan Revolution Continue!

May the Reagan Revolution continue!
Hopefully this is the time we have waited for. Hopefully we can elect a conservative president again after three long decades without one. Hopefully we can use the state legislatures and federalism to hold a convention of states and undo one hundred years of damaging progressive policies. Let’s work hard to save this republic in Reagan’s memory. Win one for the Gipper. 🙂 – Alexis


  1. Let’s win one for The Great Orator, for Renaldos Magnus and yes, let’s win one for the Gipper! Happy Birthday to Ronald Reagan! As Mark Levin and I talked about on the air one night, I’ve never had the opportunity to vote for a true consistent conservative in my lifetime for POTUS! I remember the greatness that was Reagan as he was elected less than a month after my 9th birthday. The celebrations were memorable. I strived to see him on tv speaking!! I had such a great childhood in a lower middle class family, but mom stayed home. She dabbled in politicking and arts n crafts in her free time. Dad worked as a traveling salesman. It was Reagan that our entire family coalesced behind and celebrated. Patriotism seemed an all time high!
    Now, I may get to vote for a consistent Reagan conservative, through and through, in Ted Cruz. It is OUR time! As Reagan was needed after Carter, Cruz is needed after Obama. We have lost so much of our once thriving capitalist economy, to cronyism and statism, so many of our liberties have been silently and some loudly in our face stolen from us. The Renaldos Magnus would have one of many things to say, get back to our constitution and fast! So please, let’s defeat these establishment types, loony types and socialists. Let’s save our constitution, let’s save our future, let’s save conservatism, let’s save our country by doing everything we can to support Ted Cruz to be our generation’s Ronald Reagan!
    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest ever, Ronald Reagan, my hero!!

    • That was such a great comment Lew! It made me tear up a little.:( I miss Reagan. I feel sorry for young people who were born after Reagan. It’s hard to describe to them what our country was like during the Reagan era. It’s never been the same since then. We have to get that patriotic spirit back and the belief we can achieve the American dream. It scares me how many people have become supporters of socialism. Even over the past decade it seems to have gotten worse. We need a leader in a high position, such as a president, who can articulate the message of liberty and conservatism. I hope Trump isn’t going to ruin our chances. That’s one of my biggest fears.


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