Cruz wins Iowa Caucus! The Constitutional Awakening Begins

Cruz wins Iowa Caucus! The Constitutional Awakening Begins

Yea! Congrats! We love you Ted Cruz! May the Constitutional Awakening begin.

Cruz could win New Hampshire. They hate ethanol. And Cruz is one of the 1st candidates in decades to win in Iowa while standing down to this special interest.

Below is Ted’s victory speech. Press the arrow to play.

This shows an example of how speaking on principles works. It works & you can win doing this. Reagan did it and so did Cruz.

Will update later.

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  2. Go Ted

  3. I’m not posting crazy conspiracy- theory birther comments nor am I posting comments from people who are racist against Cruz and Rubio because they are Latino.

  4. Char in ND says:

    This was a great win for Ted Cruz, he fought like a champion and truly deserved to come in first.

    Things are going to continue to be difficult going into New Hampshire where it will be a fight. Let’s hope the citizens of the Granite State are onboard with selecting the best constitutional conservative in the race – Senator Cruz.

    The establishment and outlets like FOX are sure pushing Rubio. He also has the endorsements of Rep. Trey Gowdy and more recently (and sadly), Senator Tim Scott – so South Carolina will be an uphill fight, too.

    Ted Cruz is the best chance this nation has to begin to restore our liberty and constitution. God bless Team Cruz!

    • Oh Char, I am so happy about this win!!! I know we have a long way to go but I was outrageously thrilled about this first win.
      I’m going to write to you more later. I have to go eat something. I’m starving. Maybe I’ll get a cheesesteak sub! BBL.

    • I actually thought Trump was going to be a gracious loser after he came in second. That lasted for about a day before him and Sarah started accusing Cruz of voter fraud over that silly tweet. The soap opera has started up again. Plus Fox news is doing everything they can to make Cruz look bad. I normally don’t like Chris Christie but I have to give him credit. Fox tried to get him to admit their was “voter fraud”, which is a ridiculous notion, and Christie refused to get down in the mud with Fox news. He kept saying Iowa is over, let’s move on. I agree with you with Cruz as POTUS and a convention of states, we might still be able to save the republic.

      • Char in ND says:

        Trump is only gracious when things go his way. I love the term that Ted Cruz uses, “trumpertantrum”!

        I am officially done with Sarah Palin. “Our good friend Dr. Carson”, she said. Hmm Sarah. Where was she when Trump was assassinating Dr. Carson’s character back in November? When Trump called Dr. Carson “pathological” and “damaged” and equated him to a child molester. Who lied about Dr. Carson and sabotaged his campaign? Trump never apologized. Did Sarah Palin call Trump out and condemn his statements? Where was her concern for “our good friend Dr. Carson” then? Trump and Palin are the ones engaging in dirty politics.

        Ted Cruz apologized for something much less egregious, a tweet which had zero impact on the results in Iowa.

        Fox is in the Rubio camp. They are establishment all the way. I don’t watch it anymore.
        I also dumped Drudge. His feature story almost every day is a bash on Ted Cruz. Sickening.

        I agree, Chris Christie has impressed me with his statesmanship and integrity.

        I am glad to be on the Cruz Team, with the likes of Louie Gohmert, Glenn Beck, Steve King and Jenny Beth Martin. And one standout – Alexis Deacon!

        Absolutely – with President Cruz and COS, this country just might have a fighting chance.

        I hope you are enjoying the sun!

    • I loved the saying “Trumpertantrum”! It trended on twitter for a whole day. LOL. You are right, Char, Trump damaged Carson’s campaign far more than Cruz did. The media hyped up much ado about nothing. And Sarah is throwing one dart after another towards Cruz. What is going on with those two? I wonder if Sarah and Ted had some type of personal dispute because her behavior has been bizarre. Cruz is acting like a gentleman but I don’t know what has gotten into Sarah. Fox has and always will be “Rino News” I can’t bear to watch it anymore.They wanted Jeb, now they want Rubio. Fox uses Trump for ratings and to help to defeat Cruz. I’m glad we have a station like Fox which isn’t as bad as CNN and MSNBC but it’s not conservative. At least Hannity is on there. I subscribe to the Blaze TV on the Internet which is pretty good. And I’m guessing Conservative Review is going to do something eventually, similar to what Beck has done with the Blaze. The future of News and commentary will be on the Internet in some form. Conservative voices will not be silenced!!!

      I’m happy you and I think so much alike Char!!! You let me know I am not going crazy, lol. Love ya! ❤ 🙂


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