Happy Anniversary Queen Of Liberty

Happy Anniversary Queen Of Liberty

Birthday # 3!
Tomorrow starts our fourth year.
2015 was our best year yet! We became one of the top viewed conservative sites in the world because of you! ❤
Thank you to everybody who reads this site.
Thanks for all the great comments over the years.
And thank you to everybody who works on this site.
I love you all!
This is our first presidential campaign year.
It should be fun!


  1. Wow! Happy Birthdays!! I apologize for not being the most consistent follower, but I plan to do much better in 2016, and on! I really, really, really like what you do here!! I’ve always enjoyed myself reading and commenting here at Queen Of Liberty!
    I’ve changed my WordPress password finally to an account I check! I hope to become a valued commenter! I have really like this place since the best article I’ve ever read, ‘Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong’, since Article V. Haha.
    Anyway, congratulations Alexis, you’ve done a great job! And have an open invitation to any UFC PPV!

    • OMG! Lew! It’s so good to see you. I was just thinking about you the other day and I wondering how you were. LOL, you are too kind. You have a great memory too. Thanks for the compliments. One day you and I need to throw a big UFC party together. Are you still on twitter? I think twitter altered their format a year ago and I don’t see as many of my friends in my regular feed now. I’ve been tweeting more lately again. What did you think about Sarah endorsing Trump? I was very bummed out by that. Please keep in touch!
      Hugs! 🙂 A.D. 😉

      • AD, you are the greatest! You don’t know how much it warms my heart to know my friend thought of me…. I’m on a better road now! Was told it will get worse before better, but to give it six months! So, I’m happy! I’ve been wondering about you? Not seeing you on Twitter, so I’m glad you’re doing more now.. I’ll keep an eye out for you! I’m still there, and still here and will remain. You won’t be able to rid yourself of me easy! Lol!
        Did you see FS1 Fight Night last weekend? Some really great fights and KO’s. I loved Cruz getting his belt back, but thought Pettis got robbed! Don’t forget ‘The Notorius’ vs Dos Anjos this weekend! Gonna be some bombs in that one!
        And Sarah? Why? I just can’t figure it out. He has stood for everything she has been against. He decided he will be anti-establishment to win the Presidency, and speaking like an establishment guy the while. Back room cajoling to get deals done? What’s that? That’s what Sarah is against. Says no one in Congress likes Ted so he couldn’t be President. Isn’t that what we like? And Sarah? Know Dole endorsing, for ethanol subsidies? Running on Huge things like the establishment is for him now? Isn’t that what we are against? And Sarah? I can’t explain it AD! I’m really bummed as well! But to talk with you, I’m much better!
        It’s great to hear from my super all-time favorite person on the interwebs(thanx algore)!! One of these days I tell ya, its you and it’s me, UFC!! 😃

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is my favorite site!

  3. Char in ND says:

    Happy Birthday!

    You are the best, Alexis. Thank you for all the great information, the fun conversation and your dedication to liberty and truth. I love ya, my sister! 🙂

  4. Ted Kozikowski says:

    Congrats on your third anniversary. Although I don’t provide you much input. I do read your posts on Twitter. Would prefer receiving them via email. Very involved with the political situation in the greater Colorado Springs area. Outside the city limits. Started the Fountain Valley Constitutional Conservatives Group a few weeks ago. About twenty showed for first meeting. Next one is February 9th. Warm regards, Ted K.

    • Hi Ted! Thanks for the well wishes! How are you? I haven’t seen you around twitter much lately. That’s great you are actively working with other conservatives in your area. Preserving the Constitution has to be our number one goal. Please stop by the site more often. Myself and everyone else would love to hear from you. God bless!

      • Thank you. I will make it a point of doing that. Our next meeting in February 9th. I’ll pass along your address during my comments session.

  5. Robert Pilchman says:

    AD – Happy Anniversary. Long time viewer and recent commenter. – RP

  6. Thank you Robert! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! I haven’t been as active commenting but I still read everything. Good luck and continued success.

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